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What is DOMestic?

DOMestic is a moderated blog and mailing list. It is free to read online and by Newsfeed and is also sent out by email. The subject is DOM/sub of a DOMestic nature between consenting adults. DOMestic discipline between adults and children is NOT the focus of the mailing list. Fantasies along these lines are acceptable only if the motivation is clearly to describe role playing situations between consenting adults.

The moderators primary interest is FemDom, so it is likely that the list will attract this kind of post. But we are open minded and like to read about other variations of dom-sub.

Fantasies involving the pretence of non-consenting situations are acceptable, but please make a point of suggesting that your post is a fantasy in a brief introduction.

Many adults like to pretend, in their play, that they are being forced. Force is OK providing the victim has agreed to play the victim. This could be called consensual non consensuality or Role Play. If you want to use the list to pretend you are being forced, please head up your post as Role Play.

Real force or true absence of consent is not acceptable on this list, just as it is not accepted by any civilised society.

Force is obviously part of DOM/sub play from the simple

"My wife makes me wear her knickers to work"

to the pretence

"She will not let me have an erection and now she has started imposing discipline with her cane!"

We all know this is the essence of role play and it's fun!

What will the moderators be doing?

Supervising and administering the blog and list. Adding and removing email addresses, dealing with mail addressed to the moderator. Dealing with returned mail. Deleting flames, advertising, circulars which we have seen widely distributed elsewhere, one line responses, and posts which contravene the purposes of the list.

We will edit your post to make it easier to read, sometimes only a little if just a word or two like role play is needed to make it conform to list policy.

If your post is fact and must not be edited even slightly, then say so at the beginning.

Please help keep our moderating time down by complying with the rules.

What is the purpose of the list?

To talk about Play and Reality in a DOMestic sub/dom context.

DOMestic is relationships between people courting, dating, married, living together, or in a long term relationship. This includes posts from people who want to be in a relationship, but are not currently, or never have been.

Play and Fantasy posts might include stories or accounts of real or imagined events. Descriptions of the way you would like life to be. Or anything that turns you on.

Reality posts may be any correspondence about the way your life really is.

The purpose of the reality part of the list is to allow us all to help each other. The play part of the list is to allow us to entertain each other.

If advice is actively sought in a post, on how something 'SHOULD' be done, then you are of course free to answer and give your opinion. This is not offensive, because the answer was sought.

Please do not waste your time and energy telling someone they are not doing it properly. If they are happy with their way, then please leave it be. By all means post a message saying what your preference is.

HELP and Advice?

Perfect harmony of needs and desires is rare.

Because of the diversity of needs and desires, couples will often need help or advice on how to be 'better' at what it is that we do. = 'wiitwd'

Frequently a Mistress or Master may want advice on how to do it. When to do it, and what to do. Sometimes a person just wants to share or open up their 'real self' without the pressure to perform or be the role.

The list is a safe place to expose your 'real' self. You don't have to pretend that you are a lifestyle Mistress if you are not. You don't have to pretend you enjoy it all.

Personal adverts as such are not popular with readers. So if you want to encourage someone to write to you direct, tell us your story. Open up and explain who you are, where you are, and what you like.

Role play is fun. Let's all help each other to enjoy it.

Signatures should be brief. Signatures are acceptable throughout the internet as a form of advertising, but it is generally felt to be polite to keep them short and sweet. Five lines is a maximum acceptable to most on the internet.

UNLIKE other forums DOMestic is processed manually by humans, so please be patient! We have to sleep too.

DOMestic is free from hackers and spammers because it is moderated and manually supervised. As of 2009 DOMestic has over 11,000 members from all over the world and is still growing steadily.

Email Subscribers receive posts with a link to read the content. To keep up to date please check the Blog or Newsfeed regularly.


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