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DOMestic and FEMdom_sex Copyright Details

All material posted on DOMestic and FEMdom_sex is protected by Copyright Laws.

DOMestic and FEMdom_sex copyright statement.

Briefly copyright belongs the original author, but compilation copyright belongs to DOMestic and/or FEMdom_sex.

The concept of a compilation copyright is the same as for book and magazine publishing. In a magazine or book containing letters, poetry or short stories, each letter, poem or story may be copyright by the original author but the book or magazine itself as a compilation has its own copyright. In the DOMestic list, each message is copyright by the person who wrote it but the list as a whole is a compilation copyrighted by the list owners.

All material distributed by DOMestic and FEMdom_sex remains the property of the original author and should not be reprinted or redistributed by email, web site, or any other media without permission of the DOMestic list owners and/or the author's permission as and when appropriate.

Authors who post material to DOMestic and FEMdom_sex expressly grant permission for their materials to be distributed to all DOMestic subscribers and readers. DOMestic and FEMdom_sex articles may be archived by DOMestic and FEMdom_sex subscribers only for personal use. DOMestic and FEMdom_sex posts may be archived by the DOMestic mailing list distribution system and exclusively the DOMestic ftp, web site, and CDRom, for future reference.

Authors are recommended, but not required, to include a notice of any copyright restrictions and include a requirement that such notice be retained in all subsequent use.

DOMestic and FEMdom_sex subscribers may occasionally wish to share some DOMestic and FEMdom_sex information with non-subscribers on a casual basis such as by private E-mail or by word of mouth. One should have the author's permission before this is done.

After obtaining such permission from the author and DOMestic, formal publications, such as printed media or Internet Web pages, which republish material originally posted to DOMestic and FEMdom_sex should extend the same citing recognition to DOMestic and FEMdom_sex as would be given to any other first publication. Please cite DOMestic and/or FEMdom_sex as the original source when republishing a DOMestic or FEMdom_sex article.

The DOMestic or and FEMdom_sex cite should be in a style appropriate to the publication which republishes the DOMestic article.

The original author may grant or withhold permission for formal republication of DOMestic or FEMdom_sex articles at the author's discretion. The author and editor should ensure that DOMestic or FEMdom_sex is appropriately cited when a DOMestic or FEMdom_sex article is formally republished.

These copyright and citing rules are not all inclusive. The primary intent is to allow reasonable and appropriate sharing of information and to provide appropriate recognition to both the original author and to DOMestic and FEMdom_sex.

Anyone who abuses the privilege of sharing DOMestic or FEMdom_sex information may be subject to expulsion from DOMestic and FEMdom_sex and to penalties as prescribed by international copyright law.

If you have any doubts about acceptable use of DOMestic and FEMdom_sex materials, contact us and the original author.



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