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About Christine and david.

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About Christine and david.

Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers.


Are you the people that the newspapers said were doing kinky bdsm holidays in Europe?

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Yes. We were famous more than twenty years ago. And a story that was already five years out of date appeared in the newspapers again in late 1996. Not only was the story out of date, but what was published was inaccurate in every single paper which published it.

So, No!

The newspapers lied. One paper told such scurrilous lies that we instigated a criminal action against them and the publishers were found guilty of criminal acts.

We do not do kinky holidays, and we are not involved in sexual tourism of any kind.

Just because we sell some twenty year old newsletters describing fantasy events. Does that mean that the events are taking place today?


So if any reporters are reading this looking for a story. Tell the truth! Or we will take legal action! And do not breach our copyright!

Who we are, and what we did.

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I am Christine, dominant and 56. David is 55 and submissive only to me. We have been together now for over thirty years. We are both English.

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David first introduced me to domination and submission soon after we met. We were running our own business and found it increasingly difficult to make time to enjoy the roles we were creating for ourselves.

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Eventually we decided that it was our ambition to create a lifestyle that would allow us to assume our respective roles for as long as we wanted.

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Having attended a couple of clubs we found that they were restrictive. They did not allow us to live out our roles in a realistic way. One got dressed up, went out for the evening, played a few games and then it was back to business.

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We discussed it, (a lot) and decided that what we were missing was also bound to be needed by other couples.

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We came to a sunny and warm part of Europe and tried to start a fantasy hotel, in the hope that we would be able to live out our fantasy most of the time.

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But ask yourself this question.

If a Fem-dom enthusiast once tried to start a hotel business that concentrated on gatherings of other Fem-dom enthusiasts, and if he failed to get sufficient business and stopped trying to organise 'scene parties' and simply decided to rent his own home; Would he be organising 'sado-masochist' holidays'?

No! He would be an ex-'party' organiser who now rents his house.

However if 'once in a blue moon', one of the people that rented his house, shared his enthusiasm for Fem-dom, would that be strange?

So, that is what David and I were when the newspapers lied. We were enthusiasts for a certain lifestyle who rented our house in the summer to people totally ignorant of that lifestyle.

The people who rented our house may or may not have been enthusiasts too. In fact the vast majority were not enthusiasts and had never even heard of our dom-sub lifestyle. Whether they were enthusiasts or not made no difference to us. Because we are members of one cultural group, it does not mean that we wish to cut ourselves off from all other groups that comprise society. In a healthy society all such groups are tolerated regardless of their private tastes. Providing what couples do in the privacy of their own bedroom harms no-one else, where is the news story?

We were never able to form a hotel business that would allow us to live out fantasy roles full time. Even if the media would let such a place be advertised without telling lies about it; It was our experience, more than twenty years ago, that there was just not sufficient business to make such an enterprise work. Nowadays we are concentrated on our web enterprise and whether there would be enough business or not no longer interests us, as we now find we prefer private play to the party lifestyle. Maybe it's a sign of old age :-) But seriously, if someone else were organising parties near us, we'd probably go along a couple of times a year, but as oldies we'd probably do more watching than playing.

We are now living in a genuine and unique area on the Iberian Peninsula. Our area is thankfully away from the mass tourism of the Mediterranean and somewhat quieter.

Why are you boring us with this stuff?

Because if we attempt to spice it up for you, the media reads it and start inventing things to make it even more sensational.

But there is no smoke without fire! There must have been some kinky goings on at your place?

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Well you can read about kinky goings on if you like. It is all on the DOMestic web site. The more we keep denying these events actually happened twenty years ago, the more the media seems to believe they are happening now. They are not! There have been no parties here since 1991. In the Spring newsletter of 1991 we describe an event. Call it a private party if you like.

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There are six couples in this story; joining David and I are Mistress Anne and her slave Peter, Mistress Tricia and her slave Dave, Mistress Geraldine and her slave Mufti, Mistress Joanna and her slave Lance, and Master John and his slave Phillippa.

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Amongst other delights the Spring '91 newsletter has a description of a TV wedding with slave Mufti in full white wedding dress committing himself to a lifetime of slavery under Mistress Geraldine.

Who has visited us in the past.

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Many of the couples we have met and socialised with have been into the Female Dominant lifestyle or role playing. This is perhaps because in David's enthusiasm to promote his idea of a fantasy hotel, he wrote articles and erotic stories that were published in magazines around the world. Suddenly, I was a famous dominatrix. This tended to encourage couples of a fem dom life-style to drop in and visit us.

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Of the couples we have met in the last thirty years, there have been many tastes and fetishes. They have included those into leather, rubber, exhibitionism and bondage. Transvestites, schoolboys, and doggies have been demonstrated for the amusement of groups of Mistresses. We have seen Mistresses impose corporal punishment ranging from a light hand spanking to a full flogging.

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This picture is of a chastity belt imposed upon the 'hubby' of a satisfied purchaser of our Fem Dom training program. This naughty man had been visiting 'professionals', but his wife soon put a stop to that!

Aids / HIV

David and I are not swingers. Most of the couples we have socialised with were not interested in sexual activities with anyone but their own partners. The pleasures of fetishism and domination and submission are generally regarded as 'safer sex activities' being more esoteric in nature. We are not into 'heavy' activities ourselves, and there are a few risks which we advise taking precautions against.

Do not draw blood in your 'party' activities. Use sterile needles for piercing and dispose of them in a secure receptacle. If you are into severe corporal punishment (breaking the skin) be sure to sterilise your implements and do not share canes whips etc. Use condoms on dildos, butt plugs and anything you insert into the body. Do not share gags dildos etc with other couples. Avoid any activity which passes body fluids to or from anyone but your own partner. While urine is sterile in healthy individuals it remains a risk.

What we do now.

We devote most of our time to being creative. Check out the computer program section to see how we have occupied any spare time we have had.

Fem Dom Training software.

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We have over the past thirty years had our works published in many magazines and journals around the world. But since our advent on the internet in the 1990's the demand has been most encouraging and we have devoted ourselves to publishing full time. Our web presence which started in August of '96 is an innovation which David initially created and which is now supervised and edited by me.

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David had to learn the HTML language back in the 90's to present this web site to you. I am fortunate in knowing just which buttons to push to properly motivate David to do his best. *grin*

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But since that time I have learned and surpassed David in my Web design skills and have since designed many successful web sites. We have already developed a mailing list which is called DOMestic and if you would like to be included send us Email with the word subscribe in the subject line.

For more on the DOMestic mailing list - click here Or if you prefer, send us an email 'subscription' and try it free by clicking on the link below.


Nowadays our interest in tourism is peripheral, but we can point you in the direction of some nice rental properties. The villa we once rented was sold. If you would like to rent a house or apartment in this area and meet us, be assured that there will be no 'special parties' organised around here. I'm sorry to continually repeat this, but unless I do the media will say otherwise. They will probably say otherwise anyway, but at least we will have excellent grounds for legal action.

Tourist Information.

Our town is famous for it's 500 year old thermal hospital, the oldest in Europe, and the local Ceramic Industries. It is a genuine working town with 4 markets. Our local beach forms the entrance to the largest lagoon in Europe giving the advantage of surf and rollers, or the quieter waters of the 'Lagoa'.

A fruit market and a covered fish market every weekday form the centre of commercial and social activity. There is a daily market of clothes and durable goods. Just out of town there is a large market every Monday where you can purchase anything from shoes and clothing to goats and chickens.

We are on the Silver Coast of Portugal, less than 90 kilometres (60 miles) North of the Capital City's Airport.

Feel free to Email for more information.


Finally, please remember that just like you we have to live in the real world. So please be discreet when contacting us. Just as you expect us to be discreet when contacting you. If we are evasive on the phone it might be that a family member is visiting, or a neighbour is in the room with us at the time!

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Remember the time difference if calling by phone. Don't be surprised if you get an answerphone.

Is this how you grew up too?

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