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Are you looking through the keyhole again!

The Story of "Stiletto"

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Mistress played by Ms. Christine.
Annabel's slave played by David.

This video will be particularly enjoyed by those into spanking, queening, corporal punishment, oral service, and humiliation. The content is very 'sexy' with the bedroom scene actually being a real event which was edited into a story line developed later.

The video quality is poor and grainy. The audio quality is generally good. The video is dark in many places, but many viewers have commented that the content more than makes up for it. There are two punishments in this video, one being a very long spanking, and the other with a riding crop.


The plot is that Annabel, (a friend of Christine's) sends her slave to Ms. Christine for retraining. Annabel has some papers which the slave does not want made public, and these papers are used to oblige the slave to submit himself to Christine's retraining program.

The film starts with Ms. Christine reading a book. She answers the intercom which disturbs her. Her slave girl, Katy, reports that a slave has been discovered tied to the main gate with a letter addressed to Ms. Christine. Ms Christine has him sent up to her at the main house. Ms Christine gives her slave girl the day off in order to devote herself to the pleasures of instilling discipline into her new toy.

The slave arrives and is ordered to kneel. He presents the letter from Annabel. "Show some respect creep," Christine orders as she opens the sealed envelope.

The slave abases himself, and starts to kiss Ms. Christine's feet.

"Not my feet," she declares with regal disdain. "You haven't earned the privilege."

He looks up at her, somewhat confused.

"The floor," she declares as though it should have been obvious. Her legs are crossed, and so he starts to kiss the floor beneath her dangling stiletto heel.

Ms. Christine then rests her foot upon the shoulder of the grovelling male as she reads the letter. She interrupts her reading to question the slave, and lecture him on the correct way to address her, and then returns to reading. She notices his head move, and challenges the slave...

"Are you looking up my skirt creep?"

After he admits that he was, she bring him up on his knees by pinching an ear lobe and pulling on it.

"I don't like nasty little creeps looking up my skirt," she tells him before slapping his face. Glancing down towards the bulge in his trousers, she declares, "Erections are punishable as well. I will have to get my punishment book and write your name in it."

She tells him that his first duties are as 'the upstairs maid' and he is to start by cleaning her bathroom 'suitably dressed'.

The slave objects, saying that he doesn't want to wear ladies clothing, and Ms. Christine threatens the slave with the 'documents' that Annabel has in her safe. The slave has no choice but to agree, and is ordered to crawl out of the room and start work.


The next scene takes place some time later, when Ms. Christine arrives to inspect his work so far. The slave looks ridiculous, being dressed as a maid, and is cleaning the bathroom with the tools provided. (A toothbrush and a mug of water.)

We hear the click clack of her heels as she approaches, and then we see Ms. Christine as she enters the bathroom dressed in her black basque, long black gloves, black choker, chrome studded wrist band, black knickers and stockings.

Ms. Christine challenges the slave, "Is that all you've done."

What follows is the interchange between the slave and the Mistress as she inspects his work, then... "There's soap on this floor," she declares.

When he complains that he can't get the soap up with a toothbrush, she tells him to change the water in the mug more often.

"There's ten strokes there for the soap," she decides. Pointing to the wall, she says, "And there's a smear here, that's another ten strokes." Then playfully she deliberately smudges an area with her shoe, "That tile is dirty, that's another ten strokes."

She steps over to where he has recently been cleaning the toilet and looks down at it. "The toilet looks absolutely filthy to me, I don't think you've done anything to it at all. That's twenty. A clean toilet is very important to me."

She orders him back and lowers the toilet seat cover so that she can sit upon it. She declares she doesn't like his beard and that she is going to cover it up. She chuckles before she deliberately makes him put his head in her lap so that she can more easily lace him into a leather hood.

While the slave is tormented by the closeness of his face to his mistress's sex, she lectures him. "It's not a wonder Annabel sent you here for retraining, you were certainly in need of a firm hand, weren't you creep?"

"Yes, mistress," he mumbles from between her legs.

When she has finished lacing him up. She declares herself satisfied with the result. Then she orders, "Bend over."

As he obediently bends over in front of her, she mocks him as she gets him ready. "I'll just lift your little skirt up," she says as she raises the hem of the dress up onto his back. "Oh, such a cute little bum," she smiles as she lowers his knickers.

Finally she adjusts the sleeve of her glove, tugging it up past her elbow, and she is ready, "50 it was I said?"

"Yes, Mistress," he replies.

She instructs him in the counting procedure. "You will count, One Mistress, Two Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress."

And then she starts slapping his bottom with her gloved hand. The slave counts properly and obediently until twelve, and then the Mistress decides....

"No. It doesn't sound right. We'll start again."

She pretends to think briefly, and then decides on a new system, "One Mistress, thank you Mistress."

Sat on the toilet seat, we can see Ms. Christine smiling and enjoying herself as she starts putting all her might into the strokes. The slave counts perfectly all the way to 49, by which time we can see how his buttocks have reddened. Ms. Christine declares, "No it's no good, it's not right. We'll have to start again."

She laughs at his pleading, and then threatens him with the gag when he continues to beg, but tells him that the gag would ruin her pleasure from hearing him count. She warns him that he'll get a hundred extra if he insists on ruining her pleasure.

She decides on a new counting system, "It would be much better if you said 'One mistress, thank you Mistress,' and kissed the floor. 'Two mistress, thank you Mistress' and kissed the floor."

When he has understood, she declares "We'll start again, fifty wasn't it?"

"Yes, Mistress."

The slave makes it to fifteen before the Mistress declares, "No, you're not kissing loud enough." She tells him he started out well, but now she is no longer sure whether he is kissing the floor or not. "Nobody asked you to nuzzle the floor! I want a nice loud kiss!" She makes him practice, before declaring, "Yes, that's what I want. We'll start again."

He starts to beg, and she shouts "The gag," as a warning and the slave falls silent. After seven, she pauses to cross her legs and get comfortable, and teases the slave, who at this time thinks she is going to start all over again.

The slave is counting and kissing perfectly and loudly. At thirty strokes the Mistress declares, "Looks like a couple of belisha beacons, it's coming along very nicely."

At thirty nine, the slaves miscounts. The Mistress looks pleased, "Oh no no. Can't we count."

"Sorry, Mistress."

The Mistress laughs as she adjusts her glove, "You will be. We'll have to start again."

His begging is once again subdued by her threat of a hundred extra strokes and the gag. Before starting again she tells him not to make mistakes in counting, as she finds it irritating. "I have a very tidy mind."

After twenty five, she pauses for a rest, and tells him off for making her glove fall down. The slave apologizes, fearful of the possibility of starting all over again. Finally the slave manages to count properly all the way to fifty. Ms. Christine adjusts her glove and asks, "There how many did you have?"

"Fifty Mistress."

"Oh good, I'm so glad you can count. It makes life so much easier when you count properly."

The slave has now had one hundred and sixty five strokes in all, and she laughs as she makes him agree again that he only had fifty. She makes him kiss the hand that punished him as he thanks her. Declaring herself pleased with the way he took his punishment, she then reminds him that he hasn't done at all well in cleaning the bathroom. "You're going to have to start again."

She tells him to change the water for every tile. "Every tile, individually cleaned, hopefully to perfection, and then there will not be any more need to punish you."

She tells him that she has a previous engagement that evening, "I have a friend coming over."

She issues instructions to only return to his room when the bathroom is spotless, and there he is to write five thousand lines... "I must clean my Mistress' bathroom to perfection."

He complains that five thousand is a lot, and she threatens him with the gag, and 'the papers', and once again the slave's protests are subdued. She stands, and before leaving him she pushes his head into the cleft of her buttocks. "That's where you belong creep. Don't ever forget it."


In the next scene we open on a close up of the slave cell rules before panning out to see the slave busy at writing his five thousand lines. Amongst other things, the rules on the wall explain the use of the inspection hatch by the Mistress alone, and that the slave has to respond to the bell by putting out the light and sleeping.

The rules also forbid lust, erections and of course masturbation. Beneath the rules are erotic images deliberately designed to tempt the slave into disobedience. We pan around the room. Beside the rules, is the inspection hatch, which is also designed to tempt the slave into looking in upon his Mistress' bedroom. We also see the rudimentary slave bed with restraints already in place and the bell on the wall above the writing slave.

We fade out, and then in again. The slave is still being good, and still writing his lines. But for some time now his Mistress has been in the bedroom beyond, presumably with the friend she said was coming over. We can hear Ms. Christine enjoying herself in the next room, with much giggling and moaning. Predictably the slave goes over to the inspection hatch and peeks through. He is already hard and excited and is soon masturbating as he watches her being pleasured in ways that would never be permitted to a slave such as he!

The bell on the wall rings twice, just as the slave was nearing his own orgasm. In response, he quickly turns out the light and climbs into bed. As the slave groans at the suppression of his pleasure we can hear the laughter as Ms. Christine shares "the joke" with her friend. The slave will spend the night listening and trying to avoid the temptation to masturbate further, while they are free to pleasure themselves.


The next scene opens on the following morning with Mistress Christine in her long black gown. The slave knocks on the door and is told to enter. Mistress clicks her fingers and the slave kneels in his maid's uniform.

"You do look cute," she mocks, knowing how much he hates to be feminised.

The Mistress stands above him with one foot resting upon her basket chair as she checks off items in her punishment book. Her stockinged thigh beneath the open gown is blatantly exposed to the slave as she orders, "Kiss my feet."

She questions him as to how he slept, asking him if the moaning of the night before had disturbed him. When he admits that it did disturb him a little, she declares "Good." Then she writes in her punishment book as she comments, "You have a ladder in your stocking."

"That's ten!" she decides and orders the slave to kiss the other foot. She turns and her open gown displays her in black basque, black knickers, stockings and heels. The Mistress tells the slave she was not pleased with her bathroom, and issues instructions to do it again.

"In exactly the same manner. And when you've finished that, you'll clean the kitchen, again in exactly the same manner."

The slave is grovelling face down as he kisses her foot, and she orders, "Turn over." Standing astride his head she taps the bulge in his knickers with her cane, "And what is that?"

The slave apologizes, "I can't help it Mistress, you're so sexy Mistress."

The Mistress appears amused, but declares, "It will have to be got rid off, I don't allow erections. That's another ten."

She informs him she doesn't want to see him further today, as it will probably take him all day to finish the tasks she has set him. She then orders him to report to her at ten o'clock in the evening in her room.

"Off you go," she orders, and as he crawls away she laughs, "What a cute bum."


The next scene opens at ten in the evening, in the bedroom, with the Mistress sat on the bed in her shiny pvc figure hugging dress.

(This scene really happened, and was edited into the story to fit the plot later. David had been ordered to complete writing a story, and had instead peeked through the inspection hole from his 'cell' in the adjoining room to see his Mistress enjoying herself.)

Ms. Christine is questioning the slave... "I assume you were peeking last night through the hole."

The slave admits he was, "Yes Mistress."

"My my... what a pathetic body," she comments as she watches him undressing. "Were you wanking?" she demands.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Did you cum?"

"Yes Mistress," he whispers shamefully.

"I can't hear you," she declares, determined to shame him with his behaviour.

"Yes Mistress," he says more loudly.

"I thought I told you to do some writing?"

"You did Mistress," he admits.

"You disobeyed me then didn't you?"

"Yes Mistress," he admits.

She stands and thwacks her riding crop on the bed. "Over here." The now naked slave climbs up onto the bed in the position she indicates. "You deserve everything you get," Ms. Christine announces and starts lashing his buttocks with her crop.

The strokes start lightly and playfully at first as she tests the strength of the crop and his responses to it. Then as the strokes get harder the slave starts to plead.

"You're mumbling creep," she tells him. "Are you saying something?"

"Please Mistress, no more Mistress."

She continues lashing the crop down, "You don't think you deserve to be punished?"

"Yes Mistress, but it hurts Mistress."

She lashes the crop down upon his buttocks even harder. "Of course it hurts." Thwackkkk. Thwacck.

"It's supposed to hurt." As the punishment continues, she reiterates the reason for a severe punishment. "A Lady's bed-chamber should be private."

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk. Thwacck.

"Sneaking around peeking through holes in the wall."


"Strictly not allowed."

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk.

The Mistress starts stroking his buttocks, and feeling the heat she has generated thus far. "How dare you come into my room all sweaty," she decides as she wipes her hand on his body.


"Quite revolting."


"Too much lust, that's your trouble."


She returns to stroking his buttocks, as he pleads with her. Her hand delves possessively down into his cleft. Finding he is still hard, she reaches beneath his belly and grips his equipment with her left hand as she crops him with her right.

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk.

Her left hand starts to fondle him and soon he is moaning with pleasure.

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk. Thwackkk.

He moans with pain and she returns to fondling him. His moans of pleasure and pain mingle.

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk.

The fondling continues.

"Didn't anybody ever tell you it's not nice to peek and lust through holes at other people."




"Your Mistress."

She fondles him possessively. "Playing with this horrible thing. No respect whatsoever."

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk.

"I don't like it when my slaves aren't respectful."

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk.

"They should..."


"know their place."

The masturbating of his penis brings him close to the edge and she puts a stop to it swiftly.

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk. Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk.

She brings him close again.

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk.

"There you're getting nice rosy cheeks now."


"That looks a lot better."

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk. Thwackkk.

She pumps his organ and his moans again change from pain to pleasure as he nears orgasm once more.

"Hmmpff," she laughs at him.

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk. Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk.

"Are you sorry?"

Thwackkk. Thwackkk.

"Yes Mistress. Please Mistress. Please. Play with me."

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk.

Yet again she pumps his organ until he is about to ejaculate, and yet again she stops him swiftly with pain.

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk. Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk. Thwackkk. Thwacckkk.

He pleads with her as he moans in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Shut up," she orders as she strides around the bed lashing the soles of his feet with her crop. She returns to his buttocks.


"I don't want to hear you drivelling on."


"Speak when you're spoken to."

Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk. Thwackkk. Thwacckkk. Thwackkk.

"You should now be truly sorry," she declares as she strides to the foot of the bed.

"Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress."

"Good. Crawl down here."

She sits on the foot of the bed and the slave slithers down to her feet and immediately starts grovelling as he kisses her feet.

"I'm sorry Mistress. Please. I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

On and on he pleads as she looks imperiously down upon his reddened buttocks. "I'll think about it."

The slave continues begging.

"I made a nice job of your bum anyway," she decides with satisfaction before turning to look back at the grovelling and pleading slave.

"You do realise how wrong it is to peer through holes."

"Yes mistress. I'm sorry Mistress."

"Not a nice thing to do at all. It shows a total lack of respect for me."

The slave continues grovelling as she looks down upon him. She thwacks her crop upon the carpet beside the bed. "Come and kneel here."

He crawls into position.

"Facing this way."

He turns and kneel up to face her. She slaps his face. "Don't do it again."

She rises from the bed pointing down at his penis arrogantly as she walks away. She orders "Play with yourself." Her pvc dress rustles as she walks. Returning she sits again on the bed and looks contemptuously down upon him as he masturbates. "Is that what you were doing last night?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Well you can stay here tonight and see it properly. Only this time you can't cum." She rises and stands in front of the wanking slave. She unzips her dress, blatantly exposing herself to him.

He whispers as he pleads with her to let him make love to her.

"Do you know, if there is one thing I really cannot stand," she tells him as she bends over and speaks right into his face. "MUMBLING!" She tosses her dress aside and clambers onto the bed.

The slave speaks up, "Please let me make love to you Mistress."

"No." She crawls up the bed, away from him, giving him an erotic vision of her backside. She reclines upon the bed and looks back upon him. "You're still in disgrace. Creeping around. I think it's quite disgusting." She looks at the wanking slave with disdain, "Think yourself lucky you're even being allowed to watch."

"Yes Mistress."

"It's really very kind of me."

"Yes Mistress."

"Good kiss my foot." She says as she extends one foot towards his side of the bed.

She watches him, and begins to stroke her own body. "It's all down to accepting the superiority of women. The sooner you do that, the more comfortable life will be for you. There won't be any of these disobedient little interludes. Will there?"

"No Mistress."

The Mistress is now fondling herself between her legs, and settles back, sighing at the onset of her pleasure. As her fingers delve beneath the knickers we hear her caution him, "Don't get too excited will you."

The slave continues kissing her foot as the Mistress is now masturbating, her fingers fondling her clitoris and beginning to rub frenetically. "There you've got a much better view from there, haven't you."

"Yes Mistress."

She begins to moan with pleasure, and the slave moans in response. She lectures him as she continues to stimulate herself.

"There's a very real difference between you getting excited all by yourself, and me telling you to get excited. You're only supposed to get excited when you've got permission. That way I can control it. If you don't have any control then you just keep having orgasms. You wank and cum, you wank and cum."

"Why can't I cum Mistress."

"Because you have to learn to do as you're told. You're mine creep."

The slave moans in response.

"Slaves don't do as they want, they do as their told."

The Mistress is more excited now, and is moaning as she continues to masturbate. Her left hand pulls the knickers to one side as the fingers of the right hand vibrate upon her clitoris. "Come here," she orders as she crooks one finger.

He crawls towards her, and his head leans over the side of the bed, between her thighs.

"Kiss," she commands. We hear her getting more excited as her vulva thrusts up to meet his mouth. Eventually she pushes him away, "Back at my feet."

She continues masturbating, her hips now thrusting up to meet her vibrating fingers as she moans loudly. Her first orgasm is intense. "See how your obedience turns me on creep," she tells him as she starts to fondle herself again.

"Yes Mistress."

"Good, you'll be trying harder in future then won't you." She is masturbating vigorously again now and moans loudly as another intense orgasm overwhelms her.

The slave is moaning in frustration, kissing her feet, and she rolls through yet another load orgasm.

Eventually she sits up and looks down upon the grovelling slave. "Now that you've had a lesson in obedience, you can go to your room." She ignores his begging. "I will come and tuck you in and lock you up. Off you go."

He begs with her.


The slave obediently disappears. The Mistress follows a short while later.

In the final seven minute scene the Mistress locks the slaves four limbs to the bed in his cell.

He begs for an orgasm, and she tells him "Don't be silly."

He begs again, and she tells him. "This isn't a rest home for retired males."

Then she sits on his face and queens him for five minutes. She slaps his penis before covering his penis and balls in rubber bands. She gets angry when he leaks a little pre-cum, but continues with the process nevertheless.

"Stop wriggling," she orders as he moans with the discomfort. "Or I'll have to dig my nails in."

The slave groans in frustration. "You're supposed to be worshipping me, not groaning. What greater privilege could a man have. Rejoice creep, you've reached the ultimate position."

When she has finished he begs for an orgasm.

"I love to hear you beg," she tells him. "Yes, you beg so nicely, but the answer is no."

Footnote by Christine. *Rubber bands should not be left on all night, especially if the slave is restrained.*

Although the film Stiletto ends leaving one with the impression that he is to be left all night in those rubber bands. The reality is that in the film "The Caning" we see what actually happened when Christine returned a short while later and punished David for having masturbated during the several days of filming sessions.

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