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Are you looking through the keyhole again!

Independent Review of "Stiletto" from a satisfied customer

By James, a West coast software consultant.

Somewhat impetuously I ordered all of the new .mpeg videos from Christine and David's web site as soon as I read about them in the Domestic digest. I suffered a tiny bit of buyers remorse waiting for the first one to arrive, but less than 5 days later I was very happy with my first video, 'Stiletto' a review of which follows.

Getting it all going.

Most of us have mpeg players on our pc's, so after ripping open the plain envelope and inserting the unmarked CD (all very discreet), I was ready to sit back and see what I had purchased. It took a few moments to turn the brightness and contrast on my monitor as some of the scenes are, as advertised, very dark. I also changed my windows background color to black to decrease the distraction of the background. The image is about four inches by four inches and perfectly viewable. It reminds me of a small portable TV set.

Is it any good?

A quick executive summary: I would rate this video a nine out of ten. The first half is good; the second half is truly fantastic. There is a hint of a plot (who cares). Apparently David is being retrained, but more importantly the second half of the video is just so realistic. The final scene is wonderful as Christine sits on David's face and impishly decorates his very erect member with numerous rubber (elastic) bands.

What makes this video work, is the believable action, the domestic setting and the glorious Ms Christine. Her cut glass English accent makes the whole thing work. David mumbles and moans, but who cares, as he is either on the floor kissing feet or under the delightful looking backside of his Mistress.

What's in it?

There is no female nudity. David is naked and his erection is in sight quite often. The quality of the picture precludes seeing much detail of Ms Christine's nether regions as she masturbates very realistically in the second half of the movie. None of this matters however, this video is so superior to the commercial FemDom movies that are out there that have explicit, but totally unbelievable action. The videos appear to be about twelve years old (the copyright is '89). David gets to wear a hood in the first half. For those of us who have seen too many bad mainstream portrayals of BDSM (especially 8mm), this feels a bit creepy and heavy, but the hood goes away for the second half.

The story consists of several scenes:

* Ms Christine sitting in a rattan chair giving David his marching orders to clean the bathroom in 'ladies' clothes

* A long spanking scene in the bathroom, when David fails to clean the whole place with a toothbrush. This is the worst quality part of the video, mainly because the bathroom tiles are black making it a really low light section.

* David in his cell hearing the Mistress having some form of noisy sex next door and having himself a wank (English speak for jerking off) as he peeks through a hole in the wall.

* Back to Christine in a rattan chair, giving David a hard time for failing to get his work done and peeking through the wall.

Then the three truly excellent scenes:

* In a darkened bedroom environment (not too dark) David is cropped and masturbated by his Mistress. This is a great scene. Christine thwacks away at his bum, bring him to the boiling point by hand and tossing out delightful comments about 'rosy cheeks' and other very normal remarks. I doubt any submissive male could get through this section without needing a break to adjust his clothing!

* The bedroom scene continues and gets even better. David is verbally berated (Christine's barbs are one of the few things there could have been more of) and then made to lick his Mistress's foot while she lies on the bed and masturbates. The action is so real that I was convinced that this was a real situation not a contrived one. Having cum noisily, three times Christine sends the frustrated and very erect David back to his slave cell (a bare looking bedroom).

* The last scene in David's cell involves him being tied to the bed and Queened by Christine while she covers his dick in rubber bands. I was totally engrossed in this one; it's got to be worth the price of the video alone.

So was it worth it?

Unquestionably yes! I can't wait for the next one to arrive. My wife and I have viewed this together and plan a reenactment this Saturday. So I have to end this review and go out to CVS and buy a packet of rubber bands.


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