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The Story of "Waters of the Queen" - true to life Fem Dom Video
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Are you looking through the keyhole again!

The Story of "Waters of the Queen"

©MSCHRISTINE.COM All Rights Reserved

Mistress Christine plays herself.
David plays himself.

Caught in the act of breaching Ms. Christine's cardinal rule, the slave is taught that to behave like a toilet means being treated like one.


The video includes, face-sitting, prickteasing, humiliation, corporal punishment and finally toilet slavery.

The sound-track on this video has a buzz but the vocals are more clearly enunciated than in "The Goddess" for example. The picture quality is grainy and poor in some scenes.


In the opening scene the slave is naked and washing lingerie at the kitchen sink, but his Mistress surprises him by entering suddenly by the back door. He is caught sniffing her knickers and playing with himself. The Mistress dressed in a red blouse and black leather skirt grabs his cock and then orders him to finish the washing and report to her before she strides off.

In the next scene the Mistress is sitting in an armchair enjoying a glass of wine when the slave reports. She orders him to crawl to her on his knees. We can see a glimpse of her stocking top.

"My little wanker has too much energy," she declares.

She says that he can dispel the excess energy for her entertainment. She orders him to do twenty press-ups at her feet in front of her armchair. Unfortunately she wasn't counting, so after several he has to start again. The miscounting game continues, as Mistress starts to play with herself. After another thirteen, he is told to start again.

He is permitted to kiss her feet and ask for a rest. Mistress has her stiletto heeled shoe resting on his back and continues stimulating herself as she lectures him on the rules regarding only one ejaculation per month, and no wanking.

He declares that he didn't ejaculate, but the Mistress points out that he disobeyed her by wanking before ordering him to start his press-ups again.

The Mistress laughs at him and calls him pathetic when this time he collapses after only eight press ups. Mistress is laughing and clearly enjoying herself as he pleads with her. She tells him that as he is out of shape, he will have to do twenty, morning and evening, every day for the next month.

The Mistress is playing with her breasts through the red silk blouse as she listens to her slave pleading to be allowed an ejaculation more than once a month. Kissing her feet, he tells her it is very frustrating and she replies....

"I know, that is the general idea."

She tells him that it is a very good way of proving he respects her and is prepared to do as he is told. She continues...

"And anyway once a month is quite sufficient, it satisfies the physical need without giving you too much enjoyment."

She laughs as she tells him that it would spoil her enjoyment to give him too much. She rests her foot on his back as she resumes playing with herself. We are treated to more glimpses of stocking tops. Not yet excited enough she orders him to try again.

He manages twenty in one go this time, and she laughs as she pats him on the back and declares "Well done."

Mistress makes him turn over to see if the exercise has had any effect on his erection. When she comments on the ever persistent erection he suggests that it is due to sexual frustration. She comments...

"I wouldn't know about that."

He reminds her that it has already been over two weeks since she allowed him an orgasm. She responds....

"That's not long."

When he asks for an orgasm, she leans forward and teases his nipples, strokes his chest, and tells him....

"You know the rules, one a month. So no, you can't have one now."

She stands up, with her legs astride his head, and the slave is thus further tormented by his view up her skirt as she tells him that she is really quite kind....

"I play with it two or three times a week for you. I don't know what more you expect."

He tells her he would like an orgasm when she plays with 'it', and she responds that he expects far too much.

She pulls her skirt up above her stocking tops, and sits on his face. There she plays with his cock as she lectures him on obedience. As he nears orgasm she slaps his penis. She does this repeatedly, laughing each time she stops him from 'cumming'.

Finally she is excited, and sits back hard upon his face as she masturbates herself, telling him as she does so...

"You must always remember, you are here solely for my pleasure."

After she brings herself to orgasm she returns to slapping his penis. She settles back comfortably on his face and enjoys her glass of wine and a cigarette as the slave moans in frustration beneath her.

She continues to tease, flick, and slap his penis as she tells him it is a privilege to be permitted to worship her, and that he will please her if he learns to control 'this thing'.

After more slap and tickle, she rises from him, giving us a delicious view before straightening her clothing and sitting back in the armchair. She tells him he now has a problem, as he broke one of her rules, he now has to start his month again.

He begs for an orgasm, and she encourages him to beg properly, by kissing her feet. She laughs as she tells him....

"I love it when you beg."

She watches him begging and lets him get his hopes up before eventually he is dismissed without orgasm to wait another month. As he leaves to resume his chores she is giggling.


A month later, in the next scene, the slave reports hopefully for his orgasm. It is now more than six weeks since he ejaculated, and his Mistress 'grants' him permission to beg. His Mistress is flicking through an issue of "My Mistress" as the slave grovels at her feet. After a while she tells him to kiss the hem of her shiny black pvc dress.

She laughs at him as he continues his pitiful begging, and decides....

"No, I don't think I'm in the mood."

He continues to beg, and she laughs at him, considers it, and decides again.....

"No, I don't think so. Unless of course......"

Foolishly he offers, "Anything Ma'am."

After more begging and pleading she orders....

"Assume my favourite position."

When he pleads with her not to do 'that' to him, she asks him if he wants to leave it another month. What choice does he have? He is going to be 'jerked off' - and in the humiliating way that his Mistress enjoys.

He gets into position, on his head, upside down, leaning against the wall beside her chair. The mistress, sitting comfortably, reaches out to prod his balls and toy with his cock, conveniently placed at the right height beside her.

His shoulders are on the floor, and Mistress stands and moves into position astride his head. The slave is thus further frustrated by peering into the dark view beneath her skin tight pvc dress.

She teases, and toys with his penis, slapping it from time to time. She masturbates him, pumping his penis until he moans with the onset of orgasm, then return to slapping it from side to side. She masturbates him again, asking....

"Good view from there creep?"

....and then laughs as he moans again with the onset of orgasm. She slaps his cock again, and then repeats the process over again.

The Mistress returns to her seat, leaving him on the brink with his cock pulsating. She suggests that she could just stop now, and leave it another month....

"It doesn't look like it would fall off...."

He tell her he is desperate. Laughing at his pleading, she continues to tease him, toy with his cock and play with him as she says he doesn't know what 'desperate' is.....

"After a year you would know what 'desperate' is."

After more cock-teasing, and bringing him to the edge, she returns to stand astride his head once more.

He begs and pleads with her to be allowed to go to bed with her, to make love to her. "Just this once".

And she answers, "Do we always have to go through this ridiculous conversation every time."

After more begging she tells him, maybe, once, sometime, but not now. "Maybe next time," she tells him as she pumps his organ.

The thought of it brings him close to the edge again.

"What would you be without me to control you," she laughs before returning to her chair once again. She brings him twice more to a peak, telling him that his dribbling precum is messy.

She picks up a her copy of 'My Mistress' and continues to read the article she was reading earlier. Callously ignoring him as she reads, her right hand reaches out and milks his ejaculate out onto his own face below. After it is over she looks down upon his face, covered in his own ejaculate and declares....

"Bulls Eye," as she laughs at him. Then she orders, "Get out of here, you disgust me."

She continues reading her book, until another amusing idea occurs to her, and then she picks up the phone beside her and summons another slave called 'Paul'.


We fade out on that scene, and open on another a few days later. David is polishing the wooden floors on the landing outside Christine's bedroom. He is stark naked as usual.

As he works, he is distracted by the noises of sexual pleasure coming from Mistress Christine's bedroom door. He peeks through the keyhole, and the camera shows us what he sees. His Mistress is shamelessly masturbating, careless of the fact her slave can hear her. Or perhaps deliberately tormenting him?

The sight of his Mistress in red lingerie laying on the bed pleasuring herself is too much for him, and David starts to play with himself. He sees his Mistress look towards the door, and smile before she continues, and he wonders if this means she knows he is there. He thinks 'She smiled, so perhaps she doesn't mind me watching?'

The sight and sound of his Mistress writhing on the bed through several orgasms is eventually too much for the wanking slave, and he spurts his ejaculate, unable to stop himself moaning in pleasure.

When he ejaculates she hears him, and angry at having her pleasure disturbed, she strides to the door and opens it to discover him....

"What is going on out......," she demands, and then as she realizes, "My G.....," she hesitates as she takes it all in.

And the seeing the ejaculate on the door, and the floor, she declares, "You filthy animal, you're supposed to be polishing the floor."

She grabs him by his hair, and pushes his head down and orders....

"Lick that up! Lick that filthy mess of my floor, you animal!"

He gags several times as she makes him lick up his 'mess'. But she forces him to continue until her floor is clean.

"You disgust me," she declares as she stands above him, arms akimbo. Then she makes him lick the door clean.

She laughs as she thinks of a new idea, and stuffs the floor cloth into his mouth. She pushes his head down, and he is made to continue polishing the floor, only now with the polish cloth in his mouth. She tells him....

"I don't want to be disturbed again."

Finally she returns to her room, shutting the door upon him.

As the slaves head moves in circles, polishing the floor in a degrading fashion, he can hear the moans of his Mistress as she pleasures herself. He is tempted to peek, but fearing certain punishment he dare not.

Again and again he hears his Mistress climax, and we see her final paroxysm as he continues to move his head back and forth outside the door. Once again all the pleasure for her, and degradation for him.

When she has recovered she comes out to see how little he has achieved. She stands upon his hands, and declaring her displeasure with his behaviour and his work she says....

"50 strokes."

Then she proceeds to punish the kneeling slave with her riding crop, while standing upon his hands to prevent his escape.

The forceful strokes quickly reduce him to laying on his belly, kissing her feet, begging and pleading for her to have mercy upon him.

She takes advantage of this and places one red stiletto heeled sandal upon his back as she leans over him to continue the thrashing. After twenty strokes, she declares "This'll teach you to disobey me."

As she continues she is laughing with obvious pleasure. At thirty she observes....

"You're more than halfway there, stop whimpering."

She berates him for his animal behaviour before continuing. At forty we can hear the pleasure in her voice as she announces to the apologetic slave....

"Ten more to go. I'm not at all surprised you're sorry now."

She berates him further before telling him, "You were warned!"

Eventually the punishment is over, and she orders him to report to her en-suite bathroom. We see his glowing red buttocks disappear through the doorway as she follows him.

In the next scene the Mistress makes the slave lay in the bath. He begs her not to do it to him, but she is angry, and he dare not disobey when she insists. She berates her slave as he lays in the bath. She tells him....

"If you insist on behaving like a toilet, then I'm going to teach you how to be one!"

We see her lower her lacy red knickers, and settle herself over his face. She tells him that 'toilets don't speak' and that they 'don't even breath loudly' as she releases a gushing flow over his face.

The slave chokes and sputters as her urine gushes into his mouth.

When she is finished, she wipes herself with a tissue and drops it in upon the humiliated slave.

"Next time you will do it properly, you will swallow it," she tells him.

She replaces her knickers, and orders.....


And then her heels click clack on the bathroom tiles as she leaves him. There he stays for the rest of the day and is urinated upon, again and again.

In the final scene the Mistress, declares herself satisfied with his performance as a toilet before we see her once again settle over his face and release a gushing flow, which he swallows silently.

"I'm going to bed now," she declares before giving her orders for the morning.

The slave is to stay there overnight.

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