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Fem Dom computer software, Version 3.3 - upgraded May 2014
A seemingly endless source of ideas.



Ms Christine's - Fem Dom Computer software

Version 3.3 - including bonus upgrades for mobiles - What is it?

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What is it ?

It is.......

  • Genuinely interactive with the user.
  • Relationship counselling.
  • A seemingly endless source of ideas.
  • Constructively useful guidance for any wife or girlfriend of a submissive man.
  • Genuinely erotic to use for a submissive man who is imagining his wife following the instructions.
  • A CD ROM that will work on all computers with a web browser - Mac's too!
  • A much more attractive Windows look and feel to the software.
  • Now includes pictures, and even more extensive chastity belt coverage.
Turns your Wife/Lover into a Dominatrix

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In designing the software we started with all the best advice from the following of our books. Fem Dom Manuals, Prickteasing, and Games People Play. We then updated and added more.

By the time we finished breaking up the information into useful sections we had added at least as much again.

We divided the information into sections. Each section further divides into subsections, and from there the program branches out into advice relevant to your particular circumstances and lifestyle based on the answers the woman gives.

The software is designed to be run by a woman. Although from our past experience with our Fem Dom Manuals, we know that many men are excited by imagining that their wife might follow the instructions given. Despite the intent to make this software genuinely useful for women, many of the users are men.

The program concentrates on real life and domestic situations, not just going to scene clubs and events. When it talks about going out in the evenings, it is to the pub or the restaurant. The object is to integrate your 'role play' into everyday life. It is our experience that couples prefer to find ways to play at home.

Reviews on the DOMestic blog.

Questions and discussion on the DOMestic blog.

The first four major sections are....

  1. Home with Hubby - Leisure time. click for screen-shot
  2. Work & Play, Car, Restaurant, Pub. click for screen-shot
  3. Controlling Masturbation, Chastity and Humiliation. click for screen-shot
  4. Sexual Use. Ways to take your Pleasure and Maintain the Fantasy. click for screen-shot

To give you a few examples.

The "Home with Hubby in your Leisure time" section starts out like this.

  1. Mistress Christine's Introduction. Part One.
  2. Breakfast & starting the day right.
  3. Mornings & roles to switch the mood.
  4. Daytime and (t)easing him into it.
  5. Evenings & keeping him waiting.

The Evenings section goes on to break down into nine other sections covering most (if not all) of the likely moods a couple can have. Including switching roles if you like.

The controlling his masturbation section asks questions like.....

However you reply, it goes on to give appropriate guidance to getting control of his 'wanking. In some sections it even shows you how to make his secretive 'wanking' more naughty & exciting for him if you prefer. Or, how about a way to ignore his wanking altogether, and still make it more exciting for him!

The sexual use section starts with the usual five sub-sections. (pun acknowledged).

  1. Mistress Christine Says: Whatever Turns You On.
  2. Conventional Lovemaking.
  3. Please Yourself.
  4. The Sex Slave.
  5. Other Men & Women, how to include them, or pretend to.

But the variations within each section will keep you busy for years!

Obviously all the other sections include sexual ideas, as well as ways to dominate without having sex.

If you just calculate the numeric combinations of the above outline the result is a staggering number of possible variations. The actual number of variations, ideas and situations is simply too numerous to describe here.

We doubt if we have left your fantasyout, but if we have, write us a dissertation and we will up date the software for you! In eight years no-one has taken up this offer, so it seems we covered them all. Unlike a book, a computer program can stay new and exciting for longer. You never quite know what new and exciting idea you are going to stumble across, because you responded differently to the questions asked.

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Questions and Answers.

Q. What does the software do for me?

    A. If you are a woman it teaches you the tricks and techniques that I have learned in over eighteen years of living with a demanding submissive husband.

Q. How does it do that?

    A. It mixes specific advice based on situations in everyday life with explanations of why your husband feels this way.

Q. But everyone is different. How does it know what we want?

    A. By interacting with you, the software leads you to ideas and advice that are relevant to you, your husband, your circumstances, and the time of day or month!

Q. Why do I need the explanations, aren't they boring?

    A. Not in the style in which we have mixed them. A simple catalogue of things to do would be boring. You will be better at what you do, if you know why you are doing it.

Q. Why can't he tell me that?

    A. Sometimes because he doesn't know why. At others it ruins his fantasy to talk about it. He is too excited, or too embarrassed to explain why he feels the way he does. You are often confused as to why anyone would want to be treated this way. The software saves you both the painful hours of communication and keeps you on track with fun ways to play.

Q. Wouldn't it be better to just talk to my husband?

    A. Yes and No. Both is best of all! Communication is essential and the software is not meant to replace it. The program is designed to help you and guide you between these essential chats.

Q. I still don't understand why he can't just tell me?

    A. Precisely. Which is best? For him to tell you.....
    "I'd like you to do a. b. and c." Then say, "That wasn't quite what I had in mind".


    For you to do x. y. and z.
    And for him to say, "That was fantastic."

Q. Why is it hardly ever quite what he had in mind?

    A. It's an inverse law. If he tells you, then he builds it in his mind, and you'll never quite meet his expectations. But if the program guides you, he is surprised and it more than meets his desires.

It is hoped that it will also stimulate discussion of areas that may otherwise be suppressed because of embarrassment.

Q. But whenever we do chat he just seems to criticise me?

    A. Now your communication will take on a positive nature, with him enthusing about how much the experiences you gave him have taught him about himself.

Q. But he's not embarrassed. He is always writing things down for me to do to him. So why bother with the software?

    A. No need if you are totally happy. But you are reading this so it is just possible that having him demand what is done to him is not satisfying to you both.
    Wouldn't you rather come up with new and fresh ideas yourself?

Q. But he doesn't want my ideas. He wants his?

    A. Actually he wants you to have his ideas before he does. Many men actively dislike having to suggest ways to dominate them, but feel obliged to, for fear you will not think of the ideas yourself.

Q. It may not be suited to my husband / boyfriend?

    A. We haven't come across a man yet who didn't say he liked the result when his wife used the software.

Q. Why do you suggest that the software helps you 'to pretend' to get control? My husband wants to be my slave, not just play games!

    A. Because your question is about consensuality. Your husband wants to be your slave. Therefore let's get real, it is in fact pretence.
    We do not advocate using the ideas in our software on unwilling men. In fact we believe that some of the ideas are so effective it would be immoral to use them on the poor defenceless creatures. *grin*

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This unique software costs just:- 100 US Dollars

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