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Are you looking through the keyhole again!

The story of "Brought to Heel"

©MSCHRISTINE.COM All Rights Reserved

On a cruel whim Ms. Christine decides to reduce one of her employees to the status of a dog.....

Lady of the Manor, played by Christine.
Employee, (and Fido) played by David.

This film is of special interest to those who find the de-personalisation aspect of slavery attractive. Fido being reduced to an animal under her desk, on a rug, and under her bed. He is unable to communicate beyond barking, and whining, and his Mistress uses that to manipulate him.


The plot so far:-

He was initially taken on as a handyman, and then 'promoted'? to ladies maid when Christine replaced him with a new gardener/handyman. In service to her in her bedroom he was putty in her hands, and was soon infatuated with her. She used her power over him, and made him take punishment for snagging her stockings and other failures.

But she was disappointed and tired of his performance as a maid in both the kitchen and the bedroom, and she was at a loss as to what to do with him next, when this new cruel plan occurred to her.

He is unaware of her plans, and the film starts with her amusing herself with the preparations outdoors. He has been given an hour to tidy up the outside kennels which have not been used for years.

Despite the time limit, he is glad to be out in the grounds doing "real man's" work again, and away from the slave games she has been insisting on since she made him dress like a maid.

Note:- David really was ordered to clean the kennels, and he did a quick and rough job of clearing the undergrowth and cutting the overhanging branches. He imagined it was just something to make the grounds look more presentable for visitors. Then Christine told him to set up the video camera in the kennels.


The first scene of the film opens when he reports that he has tidied the kennels up, and she comes down to check on his work.

"I thought I told you to clean this out?" She is unhappy with the results so far.

He explains what he has done, protesting that there wasn't time to do much more.

"Well make time. We've got all day. You can do it now."

She tells him to return to the house, and bring her a chair. "And," she continues, "a brush. What else do you need? A dustpan, a scraper a pair of scissors!"

He is puzzled by her determination to have the kennels so thoroughly cleaned out, but scissors?

'Oh no,' he thinks, 'I suppose this means more of her Mistress and slave games.'

"Scissors," she assures him in answer to his questioning tone, "there's a lot of weeds, and the willow to be cut. Scissors is an ideal implement," she quips, "so much more control. Shears are a little, well you know."

He is still unsure of what is going on, and has he thinks, far more important chores to attend to than play silly games with scissors.

He asks, "Does it have to be done today Mistress?" She has been insisting he call her Mistress since the other chap arrived to be the new gardener.

"Oh, absolutely," she taps his chest with her riding crop. "I have a use for it. Right, let's go and get the things."

The next scene opens with the slave hard at work. The chair his Mistress requested has been placed in the middle of the kennels, and the slave is busily working around it. Having swept most of the debris away, he starts cutting some of the remaining willow strands at floor level with the scissors.


"It's nice to see you're working hard," Christine says as she enters and stands over him.

"Yes Mistress," he mumbles.

"You're flicking my legs," she observes as the willow strands brush gently against her ankles.

"I'm sorry Mistress."

She points to her stiletto heeled shoes with her riding crop, "Say it properly."

The slave grovels and kisses her feet as he apologizes, and she flicks his buttocks with the riding crop. She steps away to inspect his work, ordering "Carry on."

Taking her seat on the chair so obviously prepared for her she declares, "I've come to watch."

The slave looks clearly puzzled as he continues to work.

"I'm very interested in the progress," she chuckles. "Won't be long before I can use them now. I'm going to get a dog."

The slave is surprised, as she hadn't mentioned this before. "Do you need a dog Mistress?"

"Oh yes," she assures him as she watches him working, "It's absolutely essential to have a dog. I've already bought the collar and the lead."

"Yes, I noticed that hanging up over there Mistress."

"Mmmm," she agrees cheerfully. "When it's all clean, it will be all ready." Then looking up at the bright sunlight she decides, "My it's hot down here today. Aren't you a little hot wearing all those clothes?"

"Not really Mistress."

"Well I think you look terribly hot. Take your shirt and trousers off."

The slave thinks to himself as he starts to remove his jeans, 'So we're back to that game. She used to like to see me working in the garden stripped to the waist. Well I don't mind, this could be my lucky day. She's been far too interested in the new gardener recently anyway.'

She chuckles seductively, "Leave your socks on, they look cute."

"They'll get dirty Mistress," he suggests, not liking to be made to look silly. Especially with a woman supervising him, and her fully dressed.

"Well you can wash them can't you."

"Yes Mistress," he replies sulkily, removing his shirt. He is now in a leather top and swimming trunks.

"I do hope that's not an erection I can see?"

He looks down at his trunks and mumbles, acknowledging that it is. The rule against erections was one she instituted when she made him dress in a maid's uniform. He hadn't expected it out here. Quite the contrary.

"Oh dear. I'll have to go and get the punishment book in a minute. That's twenty."

"Yes Mistress," he says, while thinking, 'the bitch, she's just toying with me.'

The slave continues cutting the overhanging willow strands with the scissors. One of the discarded willows catches Christine's attention and she leans down and picks it up. Dropping her riding crop on the ground she starts to strip the willow down to suit her needs.

The slave is sweeping vigorously, and she notices, "Do it slowly, you're making too much dust."

"I never noticed how handy these were before," she laughs as she strikes the ground, "just like a whip. Isn't it?"

The slave tries to ignore the implement and continues with his work. As he is scraping the moss from the concrete, his Mistress experiments with a few idle flicks of the willow on his backside.

When she has he willow ready for more serious strokes she orders, "Do bend over and do it properly."

The slave has guessed her intent and is reluctant to bend to the task she has set him, but he has no choice. Christine strikes him and the willow wraps around and stings his thighs. The slave recoils in pain.

"Ooooh, just like a whip," she laughs.

"Yes Mistress," he tries to continue working, hoping she will not use it further.

"I shall have to take one of these up to the house," she decides. She flexes it, "It needs shortening. Put that up there with your clothes," she orders indicating the roof of the animal houses. "We'll save that one."

The slave is relieved that she is finished with it for now and willingly complies. After telling him off for making too much dust again, she picks up her riding crop and steps over to inspect his work so far.

"You're not working fast enough."

"I can't work fast without making dust Mistress."

"Yes you can, you're just not doing it properly." She strikes his buttocks with the crop. "Short strokes, fast," she laughs.

Leaning over him she indicates the moss with her riding crop, "Don't forget to get the weeds out of the cracks."

When he stands to sweep away more mess she orders, "No, kneel and do it."

"Yes Mistress," the slave sweeps while crawling around on his knees.

The Mistress resumes her seat in the chair, and soon she notices he is up on his feet again, clearing large piles of debris. She shouts angrily, "You're not kneeling!"

The slave obediently gets down on his knees and she orders, "Scrape some of this moss."

She deliberately crosses her legs in a provocative fashion, exposing her stocking tops, as he scrapes the floor in front of her. The slave is noticed to glance in her direction a few times and she comments, "I shall have to punish you for not concentrating on your work. Won't I?"

"Yes Mistress."

Christine relaxes in the heat of the sun, leaning back in her chair and stroking her body. The slave works away more vigorously for a while, and asks for permission to move to a different spot.

"You haven't finished that bit yet, there's still moss growing in the holes."

"I can't get it all out with the scraper," he mumbles.

"Well you're going to try aren't you?" she says angrily.

"Yes Mistress."

After more vigorous scraping she steps across to him, "There that's much better." She indicates a patch he missed with her crop, "Hook all these little bits out."

As he tries to concentrate on the floor, she deliberately raises her skirt and adjusts her stocking. She notices him glance up and orders, "Pay attention."

Then she strides around behind him. "In fact you should start in this corner here," she points with her crop, "and work over there."

Having had enough of bossing David around for the day, and bored with kennel cleaning she walks off, informing her slave, "I'm going to have a cup of coffee, I shall be back in ten minutes or so to see how you are getting on."


The next scene is the view his Mistress has of him working away as she looks down upon him from the main house later.

Then we cut to the Mistress at her desk later in the day. She is making notes, presumably in her famed punishment book.

There is a knock on the door. She ignores it, continuing to write. There is another hesitant tap. She continues writing.

"Come in," she calls when she is eventually ready.

The slave enters and stands in the doorway.

"You're late," she continues writing, not even favouring him with a look in his direction.

"I'm sorry Mistress, there was a lot of work to do down there."

"Have you finished now?"

"Yes Mistress."

"I should think so. I gave you plenty long enough to do it, you've gone way over your time. Take all your clothes off."

As the slave strips obediently, she continues to ignore him, making notes on file cards on her desk. Without looking back at the stark naked slave she orders, "Kneel."

Assuming he has obeyed, she sighs, "Now I've been going through your employment record, and it's not very satisfactory at all. I tried you as a ladies maid, and you persistently snagged my stockings which is not at all acceptable. Then as the kitchen maid - Your cooking was useless wasn't it? Even you couldn't eat it."

The slave doesn't answer and she demands... "Could you?"

"No Mistress."

"The dishes were dirty when you'd finished with them." She turns over a file card, and declares, "I don't need a gardener-handyman, I've already got one of those."

Christine checks the rest of her file cards, "Well, there's nothing else for it really. The only thing I'm short of is a dog. I don't have a guard dog."

She puts down the file card and asks, "Would you like to apply for the position of dog?" She chuckles at the thought of it.

"But Mistress, that's ridiculous. I can't be a dog."

"Of course you can. Don't talk such nonsense, you can be anything I tell you to be. Do you wish to apply for the position?"

The slave kneels silently in the doorway, dumbfounded.

"I'm waiting for an answer."

"Yes Mistress, I suppose so."

"Oh you'll get plenty of choices yet, don't worry about it. It'll be quite fun really." She laughs as she contemplates the prospect. "Crawl under the table and let me see if you fit the rug."

As the slave crawls round to the front of her desk she quips, "If you don't fit the rug then I'll have to get a smaller dog."

She is laughing as he takes position under her desk. Then clearing her throat, and without even looking under the table she decides, "Yes, you seem to fit quite nicely. I think I'll write dog on your employment record here."

The slave is under the table looking completely baffled by this new situation.

"Now you may kiss my feet," she declares regally from above the table.

The slave obeys, and she continues to ignore him. She deals with several more papers before deciding, "I'll have to start a new sheet for your punishment record if you're going to be a dog as well."

Finally she relaxes back into her chair, and picks up the glass of gin and tonic on the table. Sipping on the drink she glances down under the table and smiles smugly with satisfaction at how easily he seems to have accepted this very quick change in his status.

"Is there anything else I could be Mistress," we hear from beneath the table. "Please I don't want to be a dog."

Christine initially looks surprised, and disappointed. Then she starts giggling, "I don't really care what you want to be. There are no other vacancies at present."

The camera angle changes to beneath the table where the slave is kissing the feet of the Mistress. We can see her knee length skirt, and the stocking clad legs.

We hear from above. "Now I'm going to give you a choice of staying on as my pet dog, or leaving today."

We can hear the laughter in her voice as she continues, "Because I'm a kind Mistress, I'm going to be totally fair and explain to you what will be involved. If you decide to stay on, I shall call you Fido. That's fair isn't it - Fido?"

The slave doesn't answer, not knowing what it is that is supposed to be 'fair'.

The pointed toe of her stiletto heeled shoe nudges him in the face, interrupting his kissing.

"Yes Mistress," he quickly replies.

"I'm also going to allow you a short trial period, during which you will experience my rules. That's also kind of me isn't it Fido?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Speech will be totally forbidden. From now on you will woof, and make doggy noises, whining, yelping, barking. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress," he whispers.

"I'll let you off that one," her voice is raised, "In future, for yes, you will bark once, is that understood?"


"Good Fido."

"No, will be two like that. Understand?"

"Woof, woof," he replies attempting to communicate that he doesn't understand what he is doing down there at all.

She chuckles with satisfaction, ignoring his error. "Good Fido."

"Now I will explain my rules to you and when I've finished you will stay on your rug and think about your permanent future with me." The laughter in her voice is evident as she continues, "And decide whether you wish to be my pet doggy. Understand?"


"Like any pet, you will enjoy little rewards and treats." She uncrosses her legs with a silken rustle, and crosses them again, saying with promise in her voice, "Occasionally."

The slave looks up and thinks he can hear the suggestion in her voice before she continues, "You will be treated in every way like a dog. You will be trained to behave like a dog. You'll be fed from a dog bowl. And I might even take you for walks." She laughs. "On a lead of course. Do you understand?"


"Good Fido. Do you like being my doggy Fido?"

"Woof. Woof," he replies, although there is something strangely 'safe' about being under the table and out of sight as he submits to her whims.

She chuckles from above, "Well the choice is yours, be my dog and resolve to learn to like it, or get dressed and get out. Understand?"


"Ah." she declares with satisfaction, "I somehow knew you'd make the right decision." She uncrosses her legs and pushes her chair back ordering, "Stay."

We hear her footsteps disappearing into the house as we see the still bemused slave under the table. He hadn't realised he had decided anything.

When she returns she is carrying a collar and a lead, she resumes her seat and the collar is seen beneath the table.

"Come here Fido."

The collar is the one he had seen hanging in the kennels earlier. Now all suddenly becomes more clear to him. 'But surely not the kennels', he thinks.

As the slave puts his head in position she straps the collar around his neck, "There's a good doggy," she says in her most pleased and rewarding tones. "Mistress has got a nice collar for you. A nice new leather one." She attaches the lead to the collar, "And a nice new leather lead to go with it. There's a good boy."

She clicks her fingers three times, "Back under the table. Down Fido." She is giggling as the slave resumes his position on the rug.

The slave watches eagerly as she crosses her legs and adjusts her dress, and then we hear her say, "I didn't tell you to stop kissing my feet. Like a good doggy."

As the slave resumes his devoted licking and kissing of her feet the Mistress informs him, "There's a book I've been meaning to read for a long time, it's got a Fido in it. You can stay there and be very quiet like a good dog while I catch up on my reading."

During the silence which follows the slave continues to pay devoted attention to her feet, and as he does so he remembers one of the books he had seen in her bookcase. "The Governor's Wife," it had been called. He remembered flicking through it when he was supposed to be dusting, and discovering passages about a woman making a man play doggy for her. He had a pretty good read of just how that Fido had been used sexually by his Mistress, and started to realise just what his Mistress might have in mind for him.

We hear from above. "Oh the doggy in this book has got a 'Pluto like' dog's face. I'll have to get you one of those."

Then her laughter at what she is reading. "He's also got an incredibly kind Mistress, bought him a big basket to sleep in. I don't think I shall get you one of those, I think I'll just put you in the kennels you've cleaned out so beautifully. You'd like that wouldn't you Fido?"

"Woof. Woof."

The mistress is heard giggling from above.

The slaves devoted attention to her feet is interrupted by the Mistress raising her dress and adjusting her stockings. The 'doggy' is treated to a luscious view of her thighs and stocking tops as she straightens her seams.

"Mistress just has to adjust her stockings," she says almost as if to herself as her hands stroke the nylon, smoothing it up her legs. "They've got a little twisted."

The 'doggy' is looking directly at her and is treated to the view between her thighs. She is eventually satisfied with the result and the dress is lowered again, "Mmmm. That's better, lick Mistress's feet."

Under the table and out of sight. Licking her feet, rather than kissing, he starts to feel more and more like a dog. Though his manly erection is still throbbing between his legs, after the display he has just witnessed.

Almost as if she is reading his mind he hears from above, "Now doggy mustn't get excited, must doggy?"


She laughs, "No. Two woofs is the answer to that question."

His licking is interrupted by the command "Stay," as his Mistress gets out of her seat. She fetches something a few steps away, and returns. Another flash of stocking top is seen as she readjusts her dress. She crosses her legs, and doggy starts to resume his licking.

"No the other foot I think," she uncrosses and re-crosses her legs again, "that one's getting a little soggy. Doggy's got a very wet tongue," she remonstrates.

Fido is now almost comfortable in his new role and starts licking the other foot as we hear the Mistress turn another page in her book. In the silence that follows, Fido sneaks his hand down and starts to play with his penis. He stops, thinking better of it. Remembering what he read in her book, he knows that the punishment could be severe for such behaviour.

"Is doggy hungry?"


Mistress laughs, "Yes, you did work hard earlier, didn't you. Cleaning the kennels - Let me see if I can find some doggy food."

She leaves her seat once more, and steps across the room, "You'll be eating out of a bowl from now on. Just like a proper doggy!"

She returns to the table, and with laughter in her voice plonks two cans noisily on the table above him, "Now let me see, I have a big tin, and a little tin."

She resumes her seat once again, "I suppose you're very hungry, you'd like the big tin wouldn't you?"

"Woof. Woof."

"Oh!" She feigns surprise, "That must mean you want the little tin?"

"Woof Woof," he barks quickly.

She laughs, and pretends to misunderstand, "You want both?"

"Woof Woof," he barks again.

The Mistress is giggling with pleasure at her game, "I think it would be being greedy to give you both. One will do."

"Woof Woof," he barks in frustration at not being able to communicate that he doesn't want to eat dog food.

"Doggy's making too much noise. Doggy is supposed to be licking Mistress's feet."

As Fido gets back down to her feet she continues, "But seeing as you're so against the idea you'll just have to go hungry tonight, Maybe you'll fancy it tomorrow. It's very nice. It says it's got everything in it to keep you healthy." She laughs. "I'm sure it tastes very nice as well."

She continues with her book, commenting later, "The doggy in this book is far better behaved than you are. Still it is early in your training, by the time I've finished with you you'll be a very obedient little dog."

She considers the food and training situation further and decides, "Let me see. When you're hungry you will bark five times. If you are thirsty you will whine and bark. If you want to go into the garden you will just whine and yelp. Understand?"

"Woof. Woof."

"Oh you are being a stupid dog. Doggies always widdle in the garden, eat dog food and drink from their dog bowl," she insists, "Do you understand?"

"Woof," he barks trying hard to put a tone of disapproval into his bark.

She laughs from above, "That's better." Then putting on a seductive tone, "Now if you're a very good doggy, I shall let you sleep on a rug under my bed. But if you're a naughty doggy, then I'll have to put you in the kennels. Do you understand?"


The camera angle changes to one taking in both Mistress and slave. She is smoking and still flicking through her book, "Oh good, I'm glad you understand. It makes life so much simpler. Oh well, I'll leave the rest of that book 'til later."

She leans back in her chair, "Now there is one other thing you haven't had explained to you, and that's what is behind the door over there. You've never been down there have you?"

"Woof. Woof."

She laughs again, knowing what she has been arranging secretly in the cellar behind locked doors. "That's my doggy training room."


In the next segment of the film the picture quality in the darkened cellar is not quite so good.

"Yes, a little training session in the basics of how a doggy behaves wouldn't go amiss," Christine decides. "It can only make you a better behaved doggy. "Come along Fido," she says as she takes him on his lead towards the door to the basement and unlocks it. "Heel boy."

As Fido has difficulty negotiating the stairs, Ms Christine puts on her most understanding tone. "Stairs are very difficult for dogs. Still never mind you'll learn to negotiate them."

"This is going to be your training room," she says cheerfully, as they reach the bottom of the stairs. The Mistress and the dog come into view, with Fido following his Mistress on his lead crawling across the cellar floor.

"Oh really this isn't good enough at all, you can't even walk to heel properly," Christine says as she drops the lead upon arrival in front of the blazing fire in the cellar. She sighs, "I'll just put my gloves on."

"I can see you're going to need a thorough training session," she says as she starts to don her gloves. "Being a very good and obedient dog will require a lot of concentration. Do you understand?"


"There," Christine says as she picks up the lead from the floor. "We'll learn how to walk to heel first." She grips the lead close to the dog's neck and pulls him in close to her thighs. "Heel," she says as she starts walking the length of the cellar. Fido stays in close doing a full circuit, crawling, until they return to the starting point.

"Oh, that's very good. Yesss... Good boy." She pats him on the head. Then she sighs, "Huuuhhh. You were staying in beautifully close to heel, but doggies just don't walk like that. They're up on their four paws."

Christine orders, "Up on your four paws. Doggies don't crawl."

Fido gets up on hands and feet. Feeling quite ridiculous in this most unnatural position for a human. Crawling almost felt better to him.

"We'll try it again," Christine says as she takes position for another circuit, clicking her stiletto heels on the floor to encourage doggy in close to her. "Again. Heel." And they start another circuit of the cellar. "Oh, that's much better," she says half way around. "There's a good boy, can we wag our tail?"

Fido tries to wag his buttocks as he walks in this ridiculous manner, and Christine laughs gleefully. They arrive back at the starting position and she orders, "Sit." Fido comes to rest and she tells him, "That's a good dog. Now come and sit round here," she takes a seat in an armchair in front of the fire, and doggy comes to rest on his haunches in front of her.

"The gardener's been in and he's remembered to light the fire," she says, talking much as you would to a pet. "Now. Doggies also beg. So the next position you will learn is the begging position. You are in the sitting position so little front paws go up... and doggy's begging. Up!"

Fido come up on his knees in front of his Mistress.

"Oh dear oh dear oh dear," she slaps his erection, "What's that?"

She sighs, "Uhhh. Down. It is very very rude of doggy to have an erection in Mistress's presence. Mistress doesn't like it."

Christine stands and picks up her riding crop from the mantlepiece, "Mistress has her riding crop here." Christine taps the crop on the floor in front of her dog. "Every time she finds her dog with an erection, she will give him six strokes." She pushes down on his head, bringing his buttocks up.


"Like that. Do you understand Fido?"


"Umm. Hmm. I thought that would be quite simple for you."

She drops her crop. "Now. The command 'kennel' means you will go to the kennels you cleaned out. You know where they are so that shouldn't be a problem." Christine strokes his head gently. "And as I said before that will only be if you're very very naughty and Mistress wants to get rid of you."

Christine sits back and takes stock of her doggy. "I think Fido's going to have to go on a diet. I think a long course on the doggy food will do Fido very well. Fido's been eating far too much. Much much much too much. Exercise, that's what Fido needs."

She removes the lead from his collar as she tells him, "Now for exercise Mistress removes the lead so that Fido can have a good run." She strokes his hair. "On nice days we'll do this in the garden, there's more room out there for chasing balls."

She stands and picks up a ball from the mantlepiece. "Now." She shows him the ball. "Isn't Fido excited? Doggies get very excited when they play with balls!"

Fido wishes to please his Mistress and so he woofs.

Christine laughs at his hesitancy. "A little more excited, don't you think." She waves the ball in front of her doggy to encourage him.

"Woof. Woof. Woof." Fido responds. "Woof Woof."

"That's more like it, Fido wants his ball thrown. Here we go then." Christine rolls the ball down the length of the cellar. "Fetch!"

Fido pads off down the length of the cellar and picks up the ball in his mouth.

"No. Fido's crawling again. Doggies walk on four legs!"

Fido return to his Mistress up on all fours.

Christine grabs the ball in his mouth. "Give the ball." Fido is reluctant to let go and Christine laughs with pleasure at Fido's willingness to play her games. She retrieves the ball from his mouth. "Good you came back to the sitting position."

She prepares to roll the ball again. "When you fetch, you run on all fours." She teases her dog, not letting go of the ball. She looks at Fido for a response. "Excitement!"

"Woof Woof Woof Woof."

"There," she says, as the ball is rolled down the length of the cellar again. Fido starts after the ball. "Fetch."

Fido retrieves the ball properly on all fours and returns.

"You didn't wait for me to tell you to Fetch." She pats him on the head, and retrieves the ball from him mouth. "At least you brought it back. Now you wait until I tell you to fetch it!"

She waves the ball in preparation for another throw.

"Woof woof woof woof woof woof," Fido responds.

She rolls the ball down the length of the cellar again. Fido waits eagerly.


Fido sets out on all fours after the ball and Christine is laughing with pleasure as he returns to her.

"Good Boy."

Fido doesn't immediately release the ball from his mouth and she instructs. "Give Mistress the ball."

She laughs as he reluctantly releases it. "Aaahh. I can tell you're getting excited you don't want to give it back do you? You want to play with it! Does Fido want to play with it?"

"Woof woof."

She slaps him on his head.

"Of course Fido wants to play with it!"

She clicks her stiletto heel on the ground angrily. "Doesn't Fido?"


"That's more like it," she sighs.

She waves the ball in preparation for another throw.

"Woof woof woof woof."

Christine laughs, "Ahh. You're beginning to get the hang of this I think."

She rolls the ball again.


Fido fetches the ball perfectly on all fours, and returns.

"Oh. That's much better." Christine raises her skirt and exposes her lingerie and knickers. "Put it in Mistress's lap."

Fido approaches very gently and drops the ball in her lap.

"Ohhhh. Good boy." She pats him on the head. "Will we play that one again?"


She waves the ball.

"Woof woof woof woof."

The ball is rolled again.

"Fetch! Fido fetch."

Fido obediently chases the ball down and brings it back to the sounds of his Mistress' laughter.

"There into Mistress's lap."

Fido places it there slowly.

"Mmmm. Good. Euuuck." She declares at the wetness of Fido's saliva on the ball. She sighs, "Uhhh." and prepares to throw the ball again.

"Woof woof woof."

"One more because I think you've just about got the hang of this."

She rolls the ball.


Fido chases the ball down and eagerly returns to drop it into her lap, lingering to inhale her scent as he does so.

She slaps him on the head. "Naughty dog. You mustn't sniff."

She wipes her lap, "You're slobbering as well!"

She lowers the ball to the ground again. "One more."

"Woof woof woof."

She rolls the ball, and Fido chases after it.

"Ah. Ah. Ah. I didn't say fetch. Leave it. Come back here.... Heel!"

Fido returns.


Fido takes the sitting position.

"Hold your paw up."

She slaps the paw. "Bad dog. Now Fetch."

Fido fetches the ball and returns. Christine laughs. "And into Mistress's lap."

Fido drops the ball, lingering only slightly.

"There. Euuck." Christine stands and returns the ball to the mantlepiece. She pats Fido on the head. "Good dog."

Christine resumes her seat again, "Now. There are a few other instructions you must learn to be my doggy. There is a rug in the kitchen, on the command rug you must go to that one. Do you understand?"


"And if I say bedroom that means to go to the rug underneath the bed. Do you understand?"


"Good. Now, Mistress is going to see if Fido can learn how to stay, which is the next thing he has to learn."

Christine adjusts Fido's paws, "Fido will sit, front paws neatly." She ruffles his hair, "Stay!"

Christine leaves the cellars briefly and returns again moments later.

"Ohhh. Fido moved," she declares detecting a minor change in the position of his paws. "Naughty Fido!"

She pushes down on his neck and administers a slap to his buttocks before returning to her seat.

"Now after all that exercise, and all we've learned, I'm sure Fido must be thirsty?"


"Mmmm. I thought Fido would be. Well Mistress just happens to have a special drink down here for Fido."

Christine stands, "And she's also going to teach you how to drink out of a bowl."

Christine walks off to fetch the bowl, "Fido wants to please Mistress, doesn't Fido?"


She returns with the bowl, "This is a lovely bowl, with a special drink all for Fido."

She places the bowl in front of Fido, "Well dogs drink out of bowls, they don't use their paws. They use their tongues."

Christine resumes her seat, "You may as well start practising, because every drink you have from now on is going to be just like that."

Fido bends and sniffs the bowl. It doesn't smell like water! He sits up and looks at his Mistress.

"Fido said he was thirsty."

Fido bends and pretends to take a sip. Christine laughs as she lights a cigarette. Her tone becomes very serious... "Drink it Fido."

Fido takes another sip.

"And don't be silly."

Fido tries to takes a gulp, and chokes on the acrid taste of it.

"Fido is going to get very thirsty if he doesn't drink when he is supposed to drink and eat when he is supposed to eat. He'll waste away. It won't do you any harm for a couple of days, but after that you'll have a terrible problem. You'll be ever so thin. Drink it. Drink it Fido. Bad dog, drink it."

Fido tries again, and decides he cannot. "Woof woof."

Christine laughs sadistically, and picks up his lead from the floor. "Does Fido want to bend over?"

"Woof Woof." (That lead looks vicious to Fido)

"No, I didn't think Fido would. Fido has a choice. Fido will drink, or Fido will have to be smacked on his bottom."

Fido hesitates.

"Is Fido going to drink?"


Fido bends again to the bowl and laps as hard as he can, downing the golden liquid.

Christine laughs, "Don't spill any."

Fido continues to lap at the bowl, and as his enthusiasm wanes, Christine's heel comes down upon the back of his neck, forcing his face down into the liquid.

As Fido sucks up most of the liquid Christine looks down upon him, "There, Fido was thirsty."

She lifts her heel from his neck. "You can stop."

Fido returns to the sitting position.

"Now let's see. Have you remembered everything I've taught you so far?"


She laughs, and looks down upon his wet face. "Oh you're so messy. We'll put this out of the way just for a minute."

She moves the bowl, to one side. "Show me how doggies walk."

Fido does a turn of the room.

"Show Mistress how doggies sit."

Fido adopts the sitting position.

"Show Mistress how doggies beg."

Fido comes up with his paws in the air.

"Uhhhh. Down."

Christine picks up her crop from the floor. "We'll have to interrupt. Mistress told you what would happen if she found an erection."

Christine takes position above Fido and taps him with her crop, "Bend over."

She delivers six strokes of the crop, counting them herself.

Resuming her seat she asks rhetorically, "Now. Where were we? Walking. Sitting. Begging. Can Fido walk to heel without the lead?"


"Ohhh. Good. We'll have a perfectly trained dog soon." She pats him on the head and takes position. She clicks her heels on the floor. "Heel."

Fido takes his position beside her.

They do a tour of the cellar and Christine remonstrates with Fido for his enthusiasm. "Oooh, mustn't get too close. Doggies should never get in the way."

Upon their return she takes her seat. "Now, Fido knows how to bark excitedly?"



"Woof woof woof woof."

"Wagging his tail at the same time."

"Woof woof woof woof," Fido barks while waving his buttocks from side to side.

Christine is laughing again.

"Woof woof woof woof."

"Perfect, and Fido knows how to fetch a ball?"


"Barking excitedly and wagging his tail."

"Woof woof woof woof."

"Oooh Fetch."

Fido fetches the ball perfectly.

Christine takes it from his mouth and returns it to the mantlepiece, "Fido doesn't always get to put it in Mistress's lap. Only sometimes, as a special treat. Do you understand Fido?"



"Fido can have another drink, there's a lot left, and you must be thirsty again." Christine clicks her fingers once, and calmly smokes a cigarette as she waits for Fido to obey.

"Drink Fido," she orders as his head goes down hesitantly. Then she extends her stiletto heeled foot and pushes on the back of his head, forcing his face into the bowl.

"Drink!" she orders. "Use your tongue like a proper doggy."

She giggles as he struggles with the liquid and she discards the end of her cigarette in the fireplace.... Finally when she thinks he has had enough she removes her foot. "Fido finished."

"Woof woof."

"No? Oh. Right. Fido likes it," she laughs putting her foot back on his head.

"Woof woof," he thinks 'it's tough being a dog. How can I communicate I haven't finished it, but I don't want any more.'

"Fido said he hadn't finished so Fido can drink some more."

Fido laps enthusiastically, trying to finish the bowl, and eventually Christine decides, "That's enough for now. Fido's drinking too much."

Fido rises to the sitting position as Christine removes the bowl. She pats his wet beard, "Fido will have to learn not to make such a mess though."

She wipes her damp hand on the hair on his head, "Yeeuuck."

"I must remember to get you some flea powder," Christine tells the now truly humiliated Fido. "I think I'd better worm you as well. Mistress is really worried about Fido's health."

Christine stands in front of the sitting Fido and proceeds to adjust her stockings, "You've made my stockings all wrinkled now, all that hard training."

Fido looks up longingly at her thighs.

"In fact Mistress is getting quite hot here by the fire," she says as she removes her jacket.

Fido is surprised when this is followed by her belt.

"Phew," she says, as she starts to unbutton her blouse, "Is Fido getting hot," she asks her naked dog who is sat in front of the blazing fire.

"Woof," Fido answers, meaning that looking at her is making him hot.

"Does Fido like being a doggy?"

"Woof," Fido tries to put an unconvincing tone into his woof. Watching her undress he would much rather be a man!

Christine laughs, "More enthusiasm and tail wagging please. Does Fido like being a doggy?"

Fido bends over and wags his buttocks, "Woof."

Christine removes her skirt. "Ohhh. That's much better. It does have it's compensations. Fido gets to stay with Mistress sometimes."

Fido's head is level with her red knickers as she pats him on the head, "Because Fido is only a doggy, isn't he?"

Christine, now dressed in red lingerie and black stockings and heels dons her long shoulder length black gloves.

"Now Mistress is going to go upstairs and talk to cook," she tells the jealous Fido, "and make sure the gardener has done everything he should have done because it's about time for him to report in the kitchen. Fido... Is going to stay." She claps her hands. "Sit properly."

Fido puts his paws in the position he was taught earlier.

"Now Fido is not to move until Mistress comes back... and then she might let Fido go into the bedroom.... onto the rug, under her bed." She strokes his head, "That's if Fido doesn't move like a good dog." She removes her hand from his head, and puts her gloved hand in front of his face, "Lick Mistress's hand."

Fido licks eagerly.

"There that's a good boy! Stay." She strides from the darkened cellar and the door slams.


The scene changes. His Mistress has been gone for a very long time, and the jealous Fido has stayed by the fire, not daring to leave his position. After all, he has been promised a visit to her bedroom if he stays.

Christine doesn't even bother to check his position, instead we hear her call from upstairs. "Fido, bedroom."

Fido dashes of, properly, up on all fours. The next scene is of Fido bounding into her bedroom and taking position underneath her bed.

Some moments later Christine enters, "Is doggy in here?" she asks looking around the room.

"Woof," we hear from beneath the bed.

"Is doggy on his rug?"


"That's a good doggy," Christine says as she puts her drink, an ashtray, and her cigarettes on the bedside table. She picks up a book.

She is wearing shoulder length black gloves, red lingerie, black stockings and heels. "Another lesson for doggy," she says as she settles on the bed above him. "My little Fido."

She adopts a very seductive tone, "When Mistress has men... in the house... and she brings them to her bed, doggy must learn to be very quiet and not play with himself under the bed. Now I can't risk doing this without having a trial run. Just so that I can see that you know how to behave yourself."

She flicks through her book, looking for the place she left off earlier. "Do you understand?"

"Woof." Fido now really does sound like a pussy whipped wimp.

"Mistress is going to read a little bit more of her book, now where we... Chapter three. 'Drink this'," she laughs at what she is reading.

She reads a page or so, "Well that's very good. At least doggy's being very quiet, I can hardly hear him at all. That's a good start."

She reaches for her drink and takes a sip. "Not even moving."

Continuing to read her book, she sighs, and her hand starts to wander unconsciously over her breasts. After a short while, it seems she is beginning to get excited as her hand wanders down over her thighs.

She sighs again as the black gloved hand fondles herself through the red silky knickers. The book is soon dropped and forgotten, as she starts to masturbate. The sighs start to turn to moans, as her hands push beneath the fabric of her knickers.

As she begins to moan loudly, it wakes her real dog in the garden below who starts to whine and bark. She soon forgets the interruption and pushes her knickers down her thighs. She masturbates frenetically, and orgasms noisily several times.

Eventually, she calms, and it looks like she has had enough. She giggles, and looks under the bed. "Ohh. Naughty doggy. Is that an erection I can see?"


She laughs, and reclines back onto the bed, "Ohhh. Another six strokes. Mmmm.... Naughty naughty doggy. You must learn to lay under the bed like a good dog, quietly, silently, and without having an erection. It's not nice for doggies to lust."

Christine sighs breathlessly, and Fido whimpers pitifully from beneath the bed.

Christine starts giggling, "And you mustn't whine either."

Fido's whimpering sounds even more pitiful, and Christine laughs with pleasure.

"Doggy can hardly think he's been neglected today. Mistress has spent a lot of time with doggy today. She won't always be spending so much time." She reaches for the lead on the bedside table. "Because doggies are only pets after all. They can't have the same attention as a human being."

Fido whimpers again.

"Up here doggy," Christine calls, tapping the side of the bed. She leans over the side, "Come on."

Fido struggles out from underneath the bed.

"Out you come that's it. Ohh there's a good boy. Ohhh.." Christine puts on a mock tone of pity. "Good Fido."

She attaches her lead to his collar, "Mistress put your lead on. That's a good boy."

She lifts his head and looks at the pitifully excited creature. "Yes... Yes. Quite disgusting. Come round." She pulls him around to the end of the bed, and taps the bed cover to encourage Fido. "Up on the bed."

Fido clambers up onto the foot of the bed.

"There isn't Mistress kind?"

"Woof." Fido's tone sounds genuine!

Christine seems pleased and chucks him under the chin tenderly, "Yess.. On Mistress's bed." She pats him on the head. "Good Boy."

Christine taps him on the nose with the end of the lead, "Now the other things doggies have to learn is how to sniff properly. Mmmmm?"

She gets into a kneeling position, ready to tug his lead from between her legs. "Doggies do a lot of sniffing. I've watched them. I know exactly what doggies do!"


She tugs the lead bringing Fido's face into her backside. "Doggies do that sort of sniffing."

Christine's gloved hand goes down between her thighs and she stimulates herself again. She starts to moan with pleasure and it's all too much for Fido. His own hand goes between his legs and he starts to moan.

Christine turns and slaps the bed, "Ah! Ah!," she calls angrily, "Doggies do not play with themselves, that's another six strokes. Put your paw back."

Fido's 'paw' is returned to it's position beside her knee and she slaps it.

As her own hand goes back between her thighs she orders, "Stop interrupting Mistress's pleasure. You have to be a well behaved doggy. Otherwise I shall put you in the kennels."

Christine backside is pushing rhythmically back against Fido's face as her hand brings herself to another noisy orgasm. "Sniff doggy, sniff," she orders between moans, "like a proper doggy."

Eventually she cannot take any more pleasure and she sighs as she wiggles her bottom in Fido's face, "Ohhhh... Aaaaahhh... Mistress is getting quite tired. It's quite exhausting making sure everybody here behaves themselves."

Looking back at Fido she declares, "Especially when they're all so naughty."

Still with her buttocks pushed against Fido's face she reaches across to the bedside table and finishes her glass of wine.

She wiggles her buttocks, pulling his lead in tight. "Ohh... That's a good doggy," she says as Fido inhales and sniffs. "You see you can do it quite well without playing with yourself with your paws. I haven't met a doggy yet that uses it's paws to play with itself. I'm going to have to stop that nasty habit."

She looks back at Fido, "Mmmm.. That's quite a good position. You can have your twelve strokes now!"

As she starts to climb off the bed, she pushes down on his head, "Just head down a little more. Little bum up in the air a little more."

She sits on the side of the bed adjusting her lingerie and stockings. She tells Fido, "Now if doggy doesn't learn to behave himself then it will go up from six strokes to twelve strokes each time."

She lifts her riding crop from the hook on the wall and thwacks the bed beside Fido. As she stands she says, "I'm sure he'll manage to learn to behave himself if the punishment keeps going up!" She thwacks his buttocks lightly to emphasize the point.

"Won't he?"


She laughs, "woof indeed," as her crop measures the target. Then laughing she delivers the first stroke. "One," she counts. After 'four' she feels between his legs, and finding him still erect she slaps his balls. "Hummpphh."

Doggy is given another eight vicious strokes of the crop and is whining with the pain. His Mistress walks around him, tapping his buttocks lightly she tells him, "And it will be like that for every single offence if you don't behave yourself."

Fido is still whimpering as she hangs her crop back on the hook on the wall.

"Now Mistress is going to be very kind to doggy tonight," she says, removing one long black glove. "She has to go and see to her other slaves. Back on your rug doggy. Down Fido! You can have Mistress's glove to play with."

She tosses the glove to Fido who is now beside the bed. "Say thank you. One woof."


"Waggle your tail."

Fido gets back on his knees and waggles his bottom in the air.

Christine starts laughing and walks off towards the bedroom door. "I love it when you wag your tail. I'll be back later Fido.... Stay!"

Her heels click away on the tiled floor, and the bedroom door slams.

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