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The Story of "Goddess" - true to life Fem Dom Video
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Are you looking through the keyhole again!

The Story of "Goddess"

©MSCHRISTINE.COM All Rights Reserved

Mistress played by Ms. Christine.
Fido, bathmat, footrest, and the Maid played by David.

This video is for those into foot worship, boots, heels, anal worship, humiliation, depersonalisation and domestic service. It was originally made as a custom video with the primary focus being foot worship.


The content is not as 'sexy' as 'Stiletto' for example, but the video and audio quality is better than most of our videos. The video and audio quality is not perfect in any of our 'home movies'.

The only punishment in this video is a very mild spanking.


Mistress leaves her naked slave at home as her doggy while she enjoys a day out, culminating in the early afternoon with a meal with friends at a local restaurant.

The film opens when Mistress arrives home from the restaurant in her black suit, stockings and of course wearing her favourite kinky boots. In the hallway she uses her naked slave who she calls Fido as her doormat and cleans her boots on his hair (both head and pubic).

Fido is summoned to follow her into the dining room, where he must always await her pleasure under the table. The Mistress makes herself a coffee and sits at the table. While under the table Fido is ordered to finish the cleaning of her black kinky boots with his tongue.

The arrogant Mistress ignores Fido and lights a cigarette and drinks her coffee. When she bores of his licking we see her inspecting her boots, and the camera catches the brief glimpse of stockings and knickers that Fido sees as he peeks up under her skirt.

She orders him back under the table. Mistress prepares a large bowl of bread and water, scraps she brought back from the restaurant. She places it on the floor near Fido and proceeds to mash it with her booted feet, making her boots dirty once again.

The hungry Fido is again made to lick the boots clean, getting right down so as to lick the soles and heels clean of breadcrumbs and accumulated dirt. After again inspecting her boots, Mistress lets doggy have his dinner. She expects him to bark with enthusiasm, and then she pushes his head down into the food with her stiletto heeled boot. (The crafty camera catches yet another glimpse up her skirt as she pushes his face further into the food.)

His Mistress leaves him to finish the food and leaves the room. She makes it clear she expects to find him waiting for her in the bathroom, when she is ready. We watch the Mistress enter her bedroom and remove her jacket to reveal she only wears a bra beneath. Then she removes the bra and the skirt to reveal her in stockings, knickers and suspenders (garter belt). She takes off her boots, stockings and finally the suspender belt.

We watch her don a dainty pair of stiletto sandals, and wrap herself in a bath towel before heading for the bathroom. We follow the click clack of her heels to the bathroom where she seats herself on the toilet (her throne). Fido is in place, waiting for her on the floor.

Having been in boots all day she declares that her feet are all sweaty. While sat on the toilet she makes Fido clean her sweaty feet, one at a time, with his tongue. We watch him doing a thorough job of foot cleaning and worship. He licks between her toes, her soles, and every inch of her feet.

We can see the mess that Fido's hair is in after having been used to wipe her boots.

When the Mistress rises from the the toilet she declares that her bottom is dirty, and Fido is made to lick her clean there too. Fido does a thorough job, getting his tongue deep into her crevice. Eventually she clicks her fingers, ordering him into place on his back beside her bath.

She uses his chest as a step to allow her to climb into the bath. She draws the shower curtain closed leaving Fido laying on the cold tiled floor as her bathmat. We hear her taking a shower, and eventually she finishes and pulls back the curtain. One foot comes out and she wipes it on Fido's chest. Then she steps back out and stands upon Fido's chest as she wipes her feet on his, face chest and hair.

Before stepping back into her stiletto sandals she wipes her feet further on his pubic hair, his cock and his balls. She simply ignores her bathmat as she leaves the room, and soon the well trained Fido is up and crawling after her click clacking sandals.

Back in her bedroom she drops her towel on the floor whereupon Fido of course picks it up with his teeth and carries it away. While Mistress dons her black negligee we hear the neighbours real dogs barking. Fido has returned and waits patiently while Mistress tends to her make-up at her dressing table. Mistress orders him to get out and prepare her a coffee.

Fido crawls out but knows that this order grants him permission to stand to serve her coffee, and he feels almost human again, perhaps his stint as a dog will soon come to an end?

When Mistress has finished her make-up she removes her negligee and dresses provocatively in her black basque, long black gloves, knickers and black stockings and then waits for her coffee to be served in the lounge. The camera opens on her there reading a book.

As her slave serves the coffee she issues a simple one word order...


The slave knows that as Fido, his face is now to be used as a footstool, and takes up position beneath her. The arrogant Mistress crosses her legs and puts the sole of one court shoe on the slave's face while the heel of the other digs painfully into his chest. Calmly she drinks her coffee and reads her book. The slave, reduced to an object, is ignored.

The Mistress then picks up the phone on the coffee table and rings one of the girlfriends she took lunch with. She discusses the dog feeding that they had planned together, and talk about other ideas to try. Fido, listening, can only guess at what they might be. Such thoughts, the memory of how his Mistress is dressed above him, and the sound of his Mistress laughing about him, soon provoke an erection.

The Mistress leans forward to slap his 'disgusting' erection before replacing her feet upon his face and chest. She resumes reading, lights a cigarette, and as she smokes elegantly she tells him to think of something else in order to get rid of his 'offensive' erection.

She teases the desperate Fido with the possibility of having a cigarette himself, and tells him she might let him have the end of hers. He 'woofs' to indicate he would like that.

She teases him about the barking of the neighbour's dogs, reminding him of his own position as her dog. She suggests that like her neighbour she might put Fido in a kennel while she goes on holiday.

The teasing does not help Fido get rid of his erection, but eventually the Mistress declares 'better' when it goes down a little. She resumes her teasing regarding him wanting the end of her cigarette.

Then we watch in close-up as the Mistress deliberately steps on the butt of her cigarette, and then she tells him to eat it. Then she makes him lick up the ash on the floor. Laughing she strides out of the room calling...


Back in the bedroom we watch her put her doggy in the wardrobe, (his kennel), as she tells him she will be going out on a date with a "real man". Fido watches her jealously through a crack in door as she gets dressed, touches up her make-up, and tidies her hair, for her date.

We can only imagine what Fido is thinking as the camera goes in for close-ups of that which the real man will be taking liberties with. Liberties that Fido can only dream of. Eventually she cruelly tells Fido not to wait up for her, and leaves.


The next scene is of the Mistress returning home after her date. She removes her dress in the bedroom and dons her negligee over her black basque, knickers and stockings. She orders Fido out of his kennel and makes a show of dropping her knickers on his rug at the end of her bed. Cruelly she tells him he can sniff them in the night.

She then makes him lick her 'pussy' to clean up the 'icky mess' where the real man 'spurted'. Then she makes him clean her anus, telling him that 'doggies like bottoms'. Fido can only imagine what pleasures his Mistress has been indulging in.

She enjoys the anal worship, and decides to kneel on the bed where she tells her slave to.....

"Come and worship your Goddess".

Fido kneels on the floor at the foot of her bed and eagerly worships her crevice. He licks and probes deeply as she continues giving her instructions. She is moaning and sighing with the pleasure his tongue worship is giving her.

Eventually she tires of his devotion and before reclining onto the bed she issues her instruction for the morning. He is to be dressed in his humiliating maid's costume and must serve her breakfast in bed in his uniform and corset.

Fido lays on his rug, where the scented knickers of his Mistress await him, to torment him through the night. There he will imagine what his Mistress has been doing earlier with her 'real man'.

The next scene is of the maid, ridiculously dressed, waking his sleeping Mistress with tea. She sits up in bed in her black negligee and proceeds to tease and humiliates him. She reminds him of her previous evening out. She asks him which is more humiliating, being a doggy or her maid. He admits that being a doggy is worse, and she suggests that he must like being a maid then.

He complains that it is humiliating to be dressed the way he is. She asks him if he thought about what she had been doing as he sniffed her knickers. She makes it plain that he is a wimp who deserves to be humiliated. When she tires of verbally humiliating him she orders him to prepare her breakfast. Calling him 'cutie pie' as he leaves the room.

When he returns to serve her breakfast she tells him he is a 'good girl' and tells him to show her how he likes being a 'girlie'. She tells her maid to lick her feet.

The camera gives us a close-up of his foot licking, as he licks beneath her toes. All the while the Mistress arrogantly accepts his foot worship as she calmly eats her breakfast in bed. She makes him thank her for letting him be her maid, and teases him further, laughing at him and suggesting he does 'like it'. When she finishes her breakfast she continues to mock him, and then orders him to finish licking and take the tray away.

She orders him to 'gobble up' her leftovers in the kitchen and then come to the bathroom. She rises and we hear the click clack of her stiletto heels as she proceeds to the kitchen. She orders him to hurry up, to stop stuffing himself, and get undressed as she wants him in the bathroom.

In the bathroom the Mistress uses the toilet, then clicks her fingers and orders "toilet paper". The slave gets into position, and she orders "lick me clean". We see her grab him by the hair and force his face into her 'pussy'. The she turns around and makes him lick her anus 'nice and clean'.

When she is satisfied she turns, and angrily kicks him out of her way before leaving the bathroom. The fickle Mistress orders him to get back into his maid's costume again, to join her in the bedroom.


In the next scene we see the Mistress fetching him to her bedroom, once again dressed as her maid. He wasn't quick enough in getting dressed, and she orders....

"Come along, hurry up, I want you to help me dress."

We watch as the kneeling maid assists his Mistress in lacing up her corset. She is clearly in a bad mood, irritated by his slowness, his pulling too hard on the laces, and already the maid is fearful of the consequences. Punishment often follows when his Mistress gets into one of her moods.

Watching her put on her stockings the maid tries to think of something else as he feel himself hardening beneath his cute little white apron. He is worried that if she finds him erect there will be trouble.

She slaps his face for being clumsy in attaching her suspenders to her stockings. She rests her hands on his shoulders as he helps her into her knickers, deliberately tormenting him with a close-up view of what he wants.

Her hand pushes down upon his head as she supports herself while he helps her into her court shoes. She puts on her red dress, and then bends to lift the maid's little white apron. There she finds precisely what she had expected, an excuse to punish him. She demands angrily...

"What is that?"

He mumbles a response, and she tells him that as a girl he is not supposed to have an erection. She sits on the end of the bed, and orders him over her knee. As she spanks him she notices his erection is still throbbing and angrily she pushes him off her knee....

"There is nothing else for it," she declares, "fetch me the spikes."

The slave grovels, kisses her feet, and begs and pleads for her not to use the spikes.

"Now," she orders callously.

As she laces his erection into the spiked penis corset, she declares...

"I will not have it!... This will get rid of an erection."

She ignores his pleading that it "hurts so much," and continues to lace up the cruel device.

He pleads with her not to make it so tight, and she insists that it has to be tight....

"Of course it's got to be tight, how else are we going to get rid of an erection.... The pain will make it go away."

The maid begins to moan with the agony the device induces, and when she finally has it laced tight he is reduced to his knees by the pain and begs for her to remove the device.

The film ends with the Mistress walking off and dismissing his moaning as 'nonsense.'

"Come on, I want my kitchen floor scrubbed."

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