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Are you looking through the keyhole again!

The Story of "The Caning"

©MSCHRISTINE.COM All Rights Reserved

This is a fairly severe punishment video in which Ms. Christine really punishes David.

During the few days of filming Stiletto, David secretly masturbated to orgasm twice and thought he would get away with it, because Christine usually just wants to crash out after a filming session.

The rules at the time meant that, if caught, David would be due two hundred and twenty strokes of punishment. Thirty strokes for each instance of masturbation, plus eighty for each instance of unauthorised orgasm.

The idea of the above system was to encourage the slave to try not to ever masturbate, but if he did, to deny himself orgasm and remain frustrated. This system is one Christine enjoys, as the frustrated slave who stops without orgasm often tends to be unable to resist further masturbation, so even without orgasm he tends to build up a reasonable punishment total.


Unfortunately for David, the excitement of filming Stiletto left him very frustrated at the end of each day, and he found himself succumbing to temptation.

While Christine had him tied down after filming the last scene of Stiletto, she left the room and fetched herself a glass of wine. David lay there wondering what was happening.

'Why hasn't she returned to release me? We've finished the last scene,' he thought.

Having particularly enjoyed the filming of Stiletto, Christine was in a very playful mood and decided to question David. She found that he had, as she suspected, misbehaved.

Christine decided to leave David with the rubber bands around his penis and balls while she punished him. She had him turn over and secured him, now face down, on the bed where she had just queened him in the last scene of Stiletto.

Only after Christine had delivered the first fifty strokes did it occur to her that she could have been filming this punishment, as the video camera and monitor were still set up in the perfect position to see them both.

Christine switches the equipment on, and the film opens with Ms.Christine saying...

"There we'll record the rest of it for posterity. Just in case people really don't believe that I'm as bad as I look in my films. We both know I'm worse though, don't we creep."

She takes a sip of her wine, "Tough being a slave." Then takes her chair beside the slave bed where David is restrained face down.

Christine is relaxed and in a particularly sadistic mood. She is smoking as she punishes her slave. During the film, each time Christine leans back and relaxes, all that is visible of her is her garters taughtly tugging the black stockings on her legs with her high heels resting on the bed beside David. It is an erotic image to juxtapose the restrained male.

"It's very tiring being a Mistress sometimes," she quips, "you make me work so hard because you don't behave yourself."

She leans forward coming into view, a cigarette delicately poised in her left hand, with her crook handled cane in her right hand raised above the buttocks of the supine slave...

"There, now you can watch yourself on the monitor."

David groans, apparently not appreciating the benefit to him.

Christine lands the next stroke and the slave counts, "Fifty one Mistress."

Christine delivers another nine vicious strokes of the cane which David counts aloud. The whistling of the cane travelling through the air is heard with a 'sweeeipt' as it lands on his buttocks.

At his "Sixty Mistress," she leans back and takes a few puffs of her cigarette as the slave lays there groaning.

"How many left creep?"

"Um," David calculates, "One hundred and sixty Mistress," David's tone is one of pained resignation.

Christine leans forward smiling as she looks down upon him and laughs, "Well then, you were very very naughty, weren't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Uhh, Huhh," Christine agrees, smoking calmly. "What did you do?"

"I wanked twice and came twice, Mistress."

"Mmmm." Christine agrees with obvious relish, "And now you're suffering the consequences of your silly little actions."

"Yes Mistress," David replies, the regret obvious in his voice. "Please I don't think I can take a hundred and sixty more like that Mistress."

Christine blows out smoke above him.

"Please," he begs.

Christine considers, then offers, "I might use some other implement."

"Please Mistress, anything but that Mistress." David says, meaning that this cane is one of the most vicious that she possesses.

Christine chuckles at his acceptance, "But I haven't finished with this one yet. The last fifty will be with this."

He whispers his acceptance and she laughs once again as she prepares to deliver the next stroke. She lightly taps his buttocks several times, measuring for the stroke as she says...

"I will not have you deprive me of my fun."

"No Mistress."

She points the cane like a sword to the back of his neck, and touching him there lightly she emphasizes...

"Or your just punishment."

"Yes Mistress."

The cane, is once again measured above his buttocks....

"Now, where are we?"

"Sixty Mistress."

The slave counts the next six correctly, and then after "Sixty six mistress," he counts, "Seventy Mistress."

Christine looks down upon him, "Seventy does not come after sixty six."

"I'm sorry Mistress, I forgot."

Christine laughs at him, "You forgot?" She pokes him with the cane. "You forgot!"

"I was thinking that you would probably stop at seventy Mistress," he offers in explanation.

Christine laughs again, "You were hoping I'd stop at seventy and give you another little rest."

"Yes Mistress."

"Yes," she concludes. "Yes, well we'll do sixty six again, just so we remember where we were."


"Sixty six, Mistress." The slave continues to count correctly until seventy.

"You were right about me stopping at seventy," she smiles, "There's really no need to rush through at such a pace. Inventing your own counting system," she chuckles.

She picks up her glass of wine and takes another sip. "I really don't think that's quite on, personally."

She relaxes back into her chair, "Now let me see. What will I hit you with next?" she asks rhetorically. She laughs at her own question, takes a puff of her cigarette and comments, "Spoilt for choice really."

She takes another puff of her cigarette, "Ummmm... I know." She is laughing as she leaves the room.

We hear the click-clacking of her elegant stiletto heeled sandals into the distance of the house as she disappears. Then after a few moments the click-clacking again as she returns.

"Here we are creep, I'm back, I've brought all my favourites."

He groans.

"All the ones you don't like," she says as she first lays the crop on the bed beside him.

Then she fondles the cat of nine tails, passing the tails through her fingers lovingly, "Shame they happen to be my favourites."

She gently caresses the cat across his back as she pouts, "Well, shame for you, not for me."

She leans back and cheerfully asks, "Now. Where were we?"

"Seventy Mistress."

"Seventy," she repeats with relish as she prepares to strike with the cat.

David's counting becomes much louder and more agonized through the strokes seventy-one to eighty. Christine laughs as she lays down the cat.

"That one is worse than the cane Mistress," he protests.

Christine laughs even louder, her giggling continues until she pokes her stiletto heel into his buttocks....

"Poor little red bottom," she teases and then turns away, "you have all my sympathy," she mocks. "I'm a very generous lady really." She picks up her glass and comments, "This wine is rather nice."

She takes a sip of wine, and then another puff of her cigarette, "It's called having a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea," she explains.

The slave groans as she picks up her riding crop.

"Not a lot of choice at all really," she smiles as she taps him with the riding crop. "Now my other favourite."

She prepares for the stroke, "Right. Where were we?" she asks again cheerfully.

"Eighty Mistress," he groans.

The next stroke lands.

"Eighty-one Mistress."

The slave counts correctly until eighty-eight, and then loses count again, saying "Ninety."

"Eighty nine," Christine corrects laying the stroke on again.

"Eighty nine Mistress," the slave repeats.

Christine lays the stroke on again, "Eighty nine!"

"Eighty nine Mistress."

Another stroke lands.

"Ninety Mistress."

Christine lays the crop down beside the slave. "Your counting has gone very bad this evening."

She takes a puff of her cigarette, "Maybe you're going to adopt a hexadecimal system," she quips, in reference to David's skills as a computer programmer.

"I'm looking forward to the end Mistress," the slave offers by way of explanation for his errors. "It's a long way to go," he suggests hoping for some respite.

Christine mocks him, "Ohhhhhh. Yes. But we've got plenty of time, I'm not going anywhere, are you?"

"No Mistress."

Christine laughs. "Well you can't of course.... I could, but I'm enjoying myself too much."

She takes another draw on her cigarette before explaining, "My aim is not to let you sit down for about the next week, so that you remember that you must not masturbate and you must not cum."

"Yes Mistress."

"Rubber bands getting a little uncomfortable are they?" she questions.

"Yes Mistress."

"Mmmm," she acknowledges the obvious. "Shame about that. Of course I can't do anything about it, you laying down and being strapped down like that. I can't get at them."

"I can raise myself up if you don't mind Mistress."

Christine laughs, "I said I couldn't do anything about it, not that you couldn't."

Christine stubs her cigarette out in the ashtray, "You're no fun at all when you moan you know."

Christine picks up her cane again, "Don't forget you're the one that disobeyed me."

"Yes Mistress."

"Right," Christine says as she taps his buttocks in preparation for the next stroke. "So that one was worse than the cane was it?" she laughs. "We'll go back to the cane then."

The cane is raised, "Now. Where we?"

"Ninety Mistress."

Christine lays on ten ferocious strokes of the cane, and the slave counts them all correctly ending with....

"One hundred Mistress."

Christine sympathizes, "Ohhh, only a hundred and twenty to go."

"Yes Mistress."

"Mmm." Christine almost sounds reasonable. "If you promise not to moan again, we'll make it an even two hundred."

"Ohh. Thank you Mistress."

"Uhh. I know I'm so nice to you," Christine chuckles, "But I want to use my favourite ones."

Christine picks up the cat of nine tails again, and the slave groans loudly in protest.

"Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh." Christine remonstrates to suppress his protests, and then lays on the cat.

"Two hundred and.... Uh... One hundred and one Mistress."

Christine laughs, "Two hundred and one, that would mean we'd already finished. I'm only just getting into this."

Christine prepares the cat for the next stroke. "Right."


"One hundred and two Mistress."

"No, that's one hundred and one," Christine corrects. "You counted..." She laughs. "Remember."

"One hundred and one Mistress."

Christine lashes down another nine strokes of the cat, and the slave writhes as he calls out the count more and more loudly until finally...

"One hundred and ten Mistress.... Please no more of that one Mistress."

Christine picks up her crop again. "Uhhhh. Mmmm. So. We're back to the two hundred and twenty are we?"

As she flicks her crop again and again on his body he offers, "I wasn't moaning I was just begging Mistress."

"Sounded like moaning to me," she decides as she continues to test her crop on his flesh. "Don't be pedantic," she warns as the next serious stroke lands upon his buttocks.

"One hundred and eleven Mistress."

The crop is laid on again and again until the slave reaches the count of one hundred and twenty. As usual there is a brief respite.

"I suppose this one doesn't seem so bad compared to the other two," she taunts.

"It's a little more bearable Mistress," he admits.

"Ohh." she smiles, as the crop is again and again teased around his body. "A little more bearable?"

"But it still hurts," he interjects as he feels he is going to pay dearly for that comment.

"We don't want too much of the 'little more bearables', we want a nice sore bum, and the ultimate deterrent to wanking."

She ignores his pleading and slashes her favourite cat down again.

"One hundred and twenty one Mistress," the slave cries out.


"Twenty twooo..., aaaaaggghhh, uhhh, one hundred and twenty two Mistress," the slave is unable to count coherently.

Christine corrects him, "One hundred and twenty two! Mistress!"


"One hundred and twenty three Mistress," the slave thinks he has regained his composure.

"One hundred and twenty two!" Christine reiterates.

"One hundred and twenty two Mistress," the slave intones obediently.


"One hundred and twenty three Mistress," the slave moves ahead at last.

Christine is grinning, enjoying her success, as she administers the following strokes. All are counted correctly, if agonisingly, by the slave.

The slave manages to count correctly until "One hundred and thirty Mistress," and is writhing and groaning as Christine picks up her crop once again.

She swishes it experimentally above the slave before administering a full blooded stroke.


"One hundred and thirty one Mistress," he intones. He continues counting on past one hundred and forty, until Christine once again gives him respite at one hundred and fifty.

The slave takes a several sharp intakes of breath to try and recover, and Christine mimicks him, mocking his agony.

Christine selects the medium thickness cane again in preparation for continuing with the punishment.

Her stocking leg extends out over his body, and her elegant stiletto heel digs into his buttocks. "Feel like you could sit on it?"

"No Mistress."

Christine giggles, "With a bit of luck it will be hot for a week."

Once again she pokes the cane like a sword at the back of his head, "Naughty little insect."

She sits forward again, taking position. Measures her aim, and then 'Sweeeiiippt' the next full blooded stroke descends.

"One hundred and fifty one Mistress."

The next eight are similar, and the slave counts correctly. The force of each stroke visibly indents the buttocks of the slave, and finally Christine lays on a stroke with all the might she can muster.

"One hundred and sixty Mistress."

The slave is groaning. Her foot extends again and the pointed toe of her sandal strokes down the side of his body before digging into his buttock.

"Looking good creep," she tells him as she leans forward to touch him with her hand. "It's beginning to look just the way it should."

She strokes his buttock with the palm of her hand, feeling the heat, and the slave groans. Her touch is a pleasurable relief from the beating. Christine realises she has already pushed his limits and decides not to administer the last fifty with the cane after all.

"Mmmmm," she agrees, "I know where to come if I get cold this evening."

Finally after feeling him all over she leans back and comments, "Mmmm... I could sit on that. It would warm me all the way through."

Her stockinged thighs are rocking back and forth in the chair, rubbing together, apparently in anticipation of the sensation of sitting on his heated buttocks.

After a few moments of silence, teasing him with this possibility, she leans forward to select another implement, "Right, Now where we?"

"One hundred and sixty Mistress," he whispers as she raises the crop.

She tests the crop with as few taps on his buttocks before landing a stroke.


"One hundred and sixty one Mistress."

He makes it to one hundred and seventy, and Christine tells him breathlessly, "We'll go for one-eighty this time."

She lands the next stroke and the slave is glad that is not the cane after all. With a hesitation in his voice he manages to count correctly, "One hundred and seventy one Mistress."

Christine looks down upon him, "A hundred and seventy one?" she questions laughing at what she thinks may have been a miscounted stroke not in his favour.

"Yes Mistress," he assures her.

"No, a hundred and seventy nine was the last thing you said," she assures him, the doubt now apparent in her own voice.

"Oh," the slave says cheerfully, "Oh good mistress."

Christine laughs loudly, then realizes her own mistake, "No it wasn't, no you're right. No. No. No. You are right. When you are right you are right," she decides.

"I don't know Mistress," the slave offers cheekily, "I think maybe you were right Mistress."

Christine laughs at his attempts to skip ten strokes, and giggles as he continues to offer, "I think it's a hundred and eighty next Mistress."

"Ohhh. Ahhh," she recovers from laughing, "Always a pleasure and a joy to punish you creep."

She taps his buttocks three times with the crop, and clears her throat to regain her composure.

"I think you're right Mistress," he continues, thinking maybe there is still some hope he can wheedle his way out of ten strokes.

"No. No. No.," she laughs, and assures him. "You were right. But..."

She taps him three more times with the crop. "Seeing as you're amusing me. We'll let you off that one, so we'll make it...."

'Splaaat' a serious stroke lands.

"... a hundred and seventy nine," she tells him.

The slave repeats, "A hundred and seventy nine Mistress."


The slave continues to count correctly through to a hundred a ninety, and Christine nods in satisfaction as she lays down the crop and selects her favourite cat.

She giggles as she gently draws the tails across his buttocks.

"No please Mistress."

Christine clears her throat. "Ah. Ah. Ah!" She lashes the cat down on the bed beside him as a warning, "I've just let you off ten."


"A hundred and ninety one Mistress."

The slave counts more and more loudly as he tries to absorb the pain from the cat. He flinches visibly before each stroke, and Christine deliberately hesitates between strokes teasing him with the wait.

Eventually, writhing, he reaches the final stroke and calls out "Two hundred Mistress."

"It could be worse," she tells him, "I could tie the knots back in." She dangles the cat in front of him to demonstrate that it only has knots near the end of each strand, rather than many knots down the length of the strands.

"Ohhh.." he groans, not sure that it makes a major difference, but he answers anyway, "Thank you Mistress."

"Mmmm..." she agrees with a righteous tone. "A bit of appreciation here."

She selects the crop and tests it through the air. "Right too much moaning means two hundred and twenty," she declares. "So..." she prepares to lay on the next stroke.

"Ohhhhh...." the slave groans.

"So!" She interrupts his protest, "You don't want two hundred and thirty do you?"

"No Mistress."

"No," she agrees before laying on the next stroke.


"Two hundred and one Mistress."

The slave counts the next eighteen rapid strokes correctly until two hundred and nineteen. Christine lays down the crop and quickly reaches for the cat.

'Slaaassssh' she lays on a final vicious stroke.

"Two hundred and twenty Mistress," the slave calls out writhing in pain.

Christine giggles loudly, "Ohhhh... I love it when your toes curl..."

The slave groans as she collects up all her instruments.

She continues, "It reminds me of when I'm having an orgasm."

The slave continues to groan as she strokes him with the cane.

Christine leans down and undoes his right wrist cuff. "Undo the other hand," she orders.

He quickly obeys, glad that at last the punishment is over.

"Remove the rubber bands," she orders.

He turns over and starts to remove them.

"See," she tells him, "see what getting excited does. Makes it all purple."

"It's the rubber bands that do that Mistress," he tells her as he fumbles to remove them.

"Yes, I know it's the rubber bands that do that," she tells him as she drops her implements and takes over the removal of the bands. "But if you didn't get excited in the first place..."

"Ahhh..." he moans with the pain of removal.

"Stop saying Ah!" she orders as she quickly removes one after the other, "they've got to come off."

The slave sucks in his breath at the rapid removal, "Can I do it please?" trying to take over the process.

She mocks his moans of pain and watches him fumbling before she tells him, "It's going to hurt just as much, I'm quicker at it than you are."

"But you're pinching the flesh," he complains.

"Oh come on," she interrupts, taking over forcefully again.

The slave lays back groaning and grimacing with the pain.

"Don't be such a baby," she tells him.

The slave continues to groan.

"I don't know," she says in exasperation at his impatience.

Skilfully she quickly removes the bands over and over again. "See, I'm much quicker at it than you are. You'd be there all blooming night. Picking at them."

The slave groans loudly, writhing on the bed. "You're rougher than I would be."

Christine laughs sadistically at him, "Of course I am," as she hands him the removed bands. "But I'm more efficient at it than you are. See all gone."

She lifts his penis to examine it, then turns to him expectantly, "Say thank you."

Eagerly the slave bends over the side of the bed and kisses her feet as she once again gather up her collection of punishment implements.

"Thank you Mistress."

As he continues to thank her she delivers another stroke of the crop.


"And that's for complaining."


"About the rubber bands."

"Thank you Mistress. I'm sorry for complaining Mistress."

"I should think so to." She looks down upon him, "You don't know when you're well off creep."

"No Mistress."

"I'm not a particularly vicious person at all," she runs her finger down his spine. "I just like to have fun."

She slaps his buttocks before standing, "Now, I'm going to go a cross those off in the punishment book." She starts to leave the room, "Otherwise you might get the same again tomorrow night if I haven't crossed them off."

Footnote by Christine. *Be careful with the use of Rubber bands, they should not be left on if the slave starts to lose feeling.*

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